Uss Vindicator

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SD 241305.25| Getting some work done.

Posted on Sun May 26th, 2013 @ 3:05am by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

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Start Log

The flight deck was bustling as always, with pilots moving about some so bored they were jokingly fighting with each other wrestling and other pilots were watching them. Others were in the lounge with a drink or a game of cards going. Lynda could be found with her jumper bunched down around her hips with a dirty white tanktop on tuning up her baby.

Pushing her silky red hair back out of her eyes that she'd put into a hasty and messy ponytail so she wouldn't get it caught on anything or dirty the work she was doing. not that she didn't end up smudging her forehead. "Come on baby don't give up on me now I'm always taking such good care of you." Lynda said to her bird.

One of those 'fights' came a little too close to comfort and almost knocked Lynda down. "Hey watch it!" She smirked at them they were new pilots so they just gave her charming and disarming smiles since they were rather delicious guys.

"Sorry Lynda, but you know once we see you it's hard to keep an eye on where we're going." Logan smiled innocently.

"We'll try to be more careful." Tom grinned confidently. "Of course if you join us for lunch we'll know exactly where you are." He added.

Lynda laughed. "I have a meeting to go to but I'll meet you in the Lounge after." She said softly and went back to working on her bird.

End Log

1st Lieutenant Lynda Howard
Fighter Pilot Blue Leader
USS Vindicator


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