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SD 241305.18| Personal Log: Taking the time to relax

Posted on Sun May 19th, 2013 @ 12:09am by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

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~*~ Start Log ~*~

Lynda smiled softly to herself her head resting on a towel while she enjoyed the warmth of the water that surrounds her long limbs in the tub that she used rather than the sonar showers. The only time she used the sonar showers is when she was in a hurry. Right now Lynda was not in a hurry. Granted there were a few things she needed to do but she was trying to decide if she should work or continue to relax. With a content sigh she reached for the loofah and her sweet pea scented soap and started to slowly wash, wishing she could remain in the tub, but she couldn't waste the day away like she would prefer to do.

Her red-gold hair was almost ruby in color now since it was wet, but if you looked close enough you could still see strands of blond highlights that made her hair look almost like the setting sun in the right lighting. putting the towel away from her on the shelf she slide under the water again to make sure her hair was completely rinsed of the shampoo she had used as well as rinsing off the sweet pea soap the scent lingering behind. Getting up she pulled the plug to let the water drain as she reached for the towel to dry off.

A bath was one of the few things she allowed herself despite sharing a bunk room with the squad. Once dry she pulled on her flight suit so that she didn’t have to grab her uniform from the bunk room which may or may not have someone in there. Not that it mattered, she trusts them not to pounce on her and try something she wouldn’t want done. Though the thought had merit, she grinned at the idea. Once dressed she decided to head to the flight deck and check on her bird see if anything needed to be worked on. It would at least give her something to do.

~*~ End Log ~*~

Marine Captain Lynda ‘Red Queen’ Howard
251st Tactical Assault Squadron
Blue Flight Leader
USS Vindicator.


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