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1st Lieutenant Lynda Howards Personal Log SD 241306.29

Posted on Sat Jun 29th, 2013 @ 6:51pm by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

425 words; about a 2 minute read

Lynda flew her bird with all the expertize that she had worked hard to earn her movements were fluid and graceful the asteroids were all over the place coming at her from left and the right ahead and from above. and if she were honest with herself she was just barely able to keep up with it all. Still she flew honing her ability to fly around obstacles that might drop into her path when ever she's on a space flight or escorting the ship safely through any such situation.

Lynda was concentrating not just on what she needed to do but on communicating with others. Multitasking successfully was crucial to being a good fighter pilot. "Raven watch your six!" Lynda called out as she tracked the asteroid coming at her wing.

"Roger Blue leader." Came the response making Lynda grit her teeth before she became Blue Leader she had just been known by Red Queen she preferred her old call sign, but being Blue Leader wasn't so bad unless you liked the brass breathing down your neck ready to kick your ass.

"R1 what's your status?" Came another voice over the comms.

"R1 here, I've got a sight on the package making my way to it now though these asteroids aren't making it easy." She grumbled into the comm.

"its an asteroid field what do you expect R1?"

"I expect less distractions from those outside the field now shush before you get me squashed like a bug." She told base command. of course that was one too many distractions and she missed the asteroid coming head on into the collision and she went up in a blaze of fire...

[Simulation Terminated.]

{Dammit... I almost had it.} Lynda sighed and fell back onto the holodeck floor where she found herself seated after dying. "Great just great that was only level 18." She grumbled. 8 levels ago that flight test was a solo op now instead of just the wing she had to worry about she had to deal with more asteroids in the field and base command whispering in her ear.

Getting up she moved to leave the holodeck and head back to her bird. she'd try that again another time when she wasn't so annoyed with the program she had devised to help her with her skill as a fighter pilot. Granted it helped mainly with her maneuvering rather than her fighting but she had another program for that one later.

~*~ End Log ~*~

1st Lieutenant Lynda Howard
251st Tactical Assault Squadron
Blue Flight Leader
USS Vindicator-E


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