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SD 241309.21| Personal Log| Much needed Sleep

Posted on Sun Sep 22nd, 2013 @ 2:37am by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

182 words; about a 1 minute read

The flight deck had been repaired, Lynda had worked on her bird or rather helped to work on her bird with the rest of the birds that needed repairs. At the moment Lynda was soaking in a tub of warm water knowing that it wasn't the normal course really what with Sonar showers and all.

With a towel under her head like a pillow her eyes closed to the point that she was close to falling asleep really. it was so relaxing and so warm the warm sent of Sweet pea and honey mingled in the warm air of the bathroom as she just relaxed letting the stress of being a pilot melt away with the confusion and the questions.

Maybe she should move into her bathroom it was so much more peaceful than anywhere else on the ship at the moment. with a smile on her lips Lynda let all these feelings lull her into a state of sleep right there in the bath tub...

~*~ End Personal Log ~*~

1st Lieutenant Lynda Howards
251st Tactical Assault Squadron
Blue Flight Leader
USS Vindicator-E


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