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SD 241310.03| Personal Log Lynda Howards: Hasn't quite sunk in yet.

Posted on Thu Oct 3rd, 2013 @ 10:38pm by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

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Lynda sat in the officer's lounge a grilled chicken salad a cup of mixed berries and an ice tea. Running the meeting with Captain Keggle in her mind again it still seemed unreal to her. She wasn't exactly the most likely candidate for leading a squad. Lynda could be reckless, she was stubborn and defiant at times, normally yelled at for the smallest thing by either Keggle or King. Sighing Lynda speared a piece of grilled chicken with her fork and put it in her mouth, chewing it thoughtfully.

Lynda did not regret her decision to accept Squadron XO. Lynda hoped very much that she could live up to the job rather than epically fail at it instead. However the fact that she was now Squad XO still did not seem real, the fact that she still had to meet Marine Captain Tripae Lione, might help to make it feel more real.

Lynda will do that after she finished lunch. hopefully Overdrive wont take exception to her as all the other pilots seemed to have done. Since joining, Lynda had never really felt like one of the team on the vindicator pilots. The new Squad XO was unsure if this was going to change now that she was Squad XO or not She was seriously going to take more heat for any mistakes she made, but she accepted that fact when she accepted the job. Spearing a strawberry and a pineapple and put the fruit in her mouth chewing slowly.

God this was going to be interesting to say the least...

~*~ End Log ~*~

1st Lieutenant Lynda Howards
251st TAS "Charybdis" Squadron XO
USS Vindicator-E


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