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A few moments Reprieve

Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2013 @ 4:22am by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

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~*~ Start Log ~*~

Lynda wasn’t one to just lay down when there was nothing else to do and at the moment she was stealing a few minutes for herself. The Gym was empty and quiet, just the way she liked it when she wanted to think or just have a solitary existence for as long as possible without worrying about work or anything else. Her fist hit the leather with a satisfying Twat sound. Dancing around the bag that dangled from the chain that clickity clanked when she hit it.

She didn’t care about much of anything else other than the calm silence, the void of space could not have been better than what she had at this very moment. The fluid motion of her body as the pilot’s movements hit the bag in a way that it would come flying back at her as if to attack. The graceful flow of her body moved to dodge it using cat like reflexes. Similar to those that she used to pilot her bird though no matter how well she flew it wasn’t enough, not for her. Lynda could almost feel the sensation of being one with her bird. To feel the movement of the flight through her body, nothing could ever be better than that except for the warmth of another body pressed to hers, but well that was a different matter altogether one she hadn’t felt for quiet sometime really.

Lynda continued to dance the same dance again and again reluctant to end her relationship with the leather of the bag against her fist as she worked out. Otherwise she would be in her bird, or on the back of her stallion racing with the wind through her long fiery hair that looked like the setting sun when the light hits it just right setting ablaze the red and blond highlights. And yet she must soon give up her time and end this reprieve to head back to work.

Just a little longer…. Then I will gladly return to work…

~*~ End Log ~*~

1st Lieutenant Lynda Howard
251st Tactical Assault Squadron
Blue Flight Leader
USS Vindicator-E


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