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SIM Report - August 10th - 23rd

Posted on Sun Aug 24th, 2014 @ 7:38am by Commander Amelia Waterhouse

See the pretty version of the report here:

SIM Report for USS Vindicator
Period: August 10th - 23rd

-=/\=- CO -=/\=-
My oh my what a logging period!!!! We’ve seen so many newcomers and everyone is doing such an incredible job developing new IC relationships and really forging forward with progress! It’s hard to believe that just a short while ago we were barely breaking even, and now? We’re logging in excess and are EASILY the busiest and most productive ship in UCIP. YOU GUYS are the reason why Vindicator is the crown jewel of this organization and I’m so incredibly honored and proud to be your fearless leader!

The new plot is right around the bend, expect us to leave Qu’Vat for Qo’noS by the end of this coming week and from there? The good stuff. Only the very best for your guys! We have a lot in store and will need for you all to be on your toes! I want to encourage all of the logging and I want to encourage a few of you to reach out and grab your nearest command team member for a joint log. We don’t bite, unless you ask nicely, and we definitely want to get to know each and every one of you for the awesomeness that you create!

Thank you guys for being so incredible,


=/\= XO =/\=
Ladies and Gents,

I am absolutely thrilled to say *everyone* met minimums, and even better, almost all of you exceeded them, some of you by quite a lot. It’s exciting to see this much activity on the ship! Loving our new characters and enjoying the interactions between new and old going on. Keep up the fantastic work, I love it!

For those of you antsy to get into actual plot, don’t worry, that’s coming up just after a short detour for leave on Qo’noS. Don’t get too cozy though, even though I know Klingons are oh so cuddly and friendly, we won’t be long before we jump right into our first plot under the new command team. Enjoy a little sand and sun first, at the resort named Qapla’ owned by a (very brave) Ferengi, or visit any of the other wonders of the Klingon homeworld.

We are making a minor change to our reporting period for the ship starting with the next period. We’ve noticed we have at least a few members of the crew who try to cram in a log at the last minute on Saturday night, and we’ve also noticed we tend to get a lot of released logs on Sunday. To help you last minute loggers, we’re moving the end of the reporting period to sunday now, so you have the whole weekend to wrap up that last minute log. We’re also switching the reporting time zone to Pacific, since that’s the time zone Toby and I both occupy. We’ll revisit the time zone for reporting purposes when we reach the end of Daylight Saving Time in the US, since Toby’s in Arizona and they don’t shift their time.

Love and Tribbles,

=/\= Summary =/\=
With the Vindicator safely tugged into the Qu’Vat shipyards, a much needed morale boosting awards ceremony took place. We saw many of the crew receive awards and a few promotions; Almar Dahe’el is now a full Commander, Amelia Waterhouse is now a Lieutenant Commander and Rochelle Ivanova is Captain and officially in command of the USS Vindicator by order of Admiral Malone. After her promotion, she Captain gave the Admiral a tour of the ship which ended in the Executive Officer’s suite and resulted in the Admiral kissing her and the Captain turning him down citing it was too soon after Captain Neyes. Returning back to the party, there was dancing, conversation and acquaintances made. The Chief Intelligence Officer made a quick retreat after opening up to Captain Ivanova, taking a runabout and needing one million gold pressed latinum. The Vindicator’s brand new Operation’s officer made quite a stir of himself, arriving late and verbally jousting with both Ivanova and Waterhouse.

After the ceremony, the new Captain and her Chief Engineer went back to her quarters where she fell asleep allowing him to watch over her in hopes of being able to sleep without encountering any of her PTSD induced night terrors. She slept soundly and woke up in the morning to Almar questioning their relationship. It ended with a kiss and her considering the options, not ready to commit and worrying about losing him like she lost Captain Neyes.

The day after the ceremony, Rochelle promoted Amelia to Executive Officer by way of one of her horrible, dirty tricks that had Amelia off balance for a bit. Shortly after, the Neyes symbiont made a return to the ship by way of his new host: Tristan, Landon’s younger brother who has arrived as the ship’s new counselor. Immediately he and Rochelle fell at odds, with her refusing to open herself up to anything and having to realize that Landon has, indeed, died. The day wound down with Rochelle having tea and pizza with Amelia and listening to Landon’s last recording.

Ensign Robyn Maxwell and our new lounge manager made it aboard, but not without an incredible amount of whining from mr. Bernard.
Commander Waterhouse and Commander PontBrillant shared an interesting dinner where the XO’s conversation topics were consistently derailed by the Op’s officer’s charm and wit. They ended on a high note with a kiss to the XO’s cheek.

A few days later, Commander Waterhouse caught Lieutenant Atarah attempting to commandeer a shuttle in order to head back to Earth and rescue her loved ones. Pond tried to reason with her but ultimately wound up aiding her as best she could with contacts and high grade cover up papers that would get her through Starfleet holds, but not Fed First. At first, Waterhouse was going to hide this incident from Ivanova, partially based upon advice given to her during her dinner with PontBrillant, but in the end, decided telling Ivanova about it was in everyone’s best interest.

=/\= Mission Briefing =/\=
The first order of business is leave on Qo’noS. The command staff has reservations at a Ferengi owned resort called Qapla’ (it *is* as cliché as it sounds, but there is sun, sand, and booze to be had). IC, we’re supposed to be there about two weeks, and you are not limited to the resort for your leave, but OOC, please be prepared for leave to be interrupted on short notice.

=/\= Changes =/\=
New Recruits:

  • In the position of Flight Control, we welcome Henry Novak. His first log, a joint effort with Robyn Maxwell, was a lovely read, and I look forward to many more great logs to come. Welcome aboard!

Departing Crew:
  • We’re pleased to announce no departing crew this period.

=/\= Log Counts =/\=
Captain Rochelle Ivanova19
Lieutenant Commander Amelia Waterhouse21
Lieutenant Henry Novak1
Lieutenant Te'shara R’heil2
Lieutenant Chloe Ebonhart3
Commander Vlimar PontBrillant9
Commander Almar Dahe’el6
Lieutenant Danielle Atarah6
Lieutenant Junior Grade Saia Roswell2
Lieutenant Rotek4
Lieutenant Commander Tristan Neyes2
Ensign Robyn Maxwell6
Commander James Archer2
2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza5
Norbert Bernard III2
Fleet Admiral Kerry Malone (guest)1

Reporting Officer

Lt Commander Amelia Waterhouse
Executive Officer
USS Vindicator


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