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SIM Report for USS Vindicator: July 27th - August 9th

Posted on Sun Aug 10th, 2014 @ 8:55pm by Commander Amelia Waterhouse
Edited on Sun Aug 10th, 2014 @ 9:11pm

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-=/\=- CO -=/\=-

Well well well! Aren’t we just busy little bees! It’s with great happiness that I acknowledge that just about everyone was on point this period and that everyone actually had a log out!! That’s a brilliant success! We’re happy to announce that we’re seeing more life being poured into the USS Vindicator and I know for a fact this period is going to be one of our busiest yet. Why? Because you guys are awesome! Remember, every log you write during the award ceremony time will be considered a duty log. So drink champagne, fall in love, bust a move on the dance floor — it all counts towards the amazing chunk of awesome that are your duty log counts!

I want to extend an official welcome to our fresh incoming crew - please make them feel right at home and shoot them a starter or PM to discuss upcoming plans and sub-plots you may want to include them in/use them for. Who can resist a lounge manager and a medical assistant?! Plus our new Ops officer is absolutely amazing to write with and our Klingon doctor? Can’t go wrong there. We’ve gained some incredible quality to our already amazing collection. Next stop? Bergen. I can feel it!

If you wish to log with me, shoot me a PM or find me on IRC. We’ll come up with something! Ivanova doesn’t bite… Ok… Often… ;)

Keep up the awesome work!

=/\= XO =/\=

Hello Ladies and Gents!

First and foremost, because I’m excited about it. I managed to remind myself of the settings needed to banish index.php from our site’s urls. Everything appears to be working correctly, but if anyone encounters a problem, please, please, please, shoot a message to the command list with the error message received, the url you were trying to reach, and anything you can tell us about your web browser and OS of your computer or device. Thanks!

Also, a reminder. Please put a signature on your logs when you send them out. Yes, you tell us in the title and Nova puts a note about who’s involved in the log… but the signature at the end gives the log that extra spit and polish that makes it feel finished. Please sign off every time, it’s three lines, no more than a dozen words. Thank you.

We’ve finally arrived at the shipyard, and so it’s time to celebrate! Also repair the ship, but mostly celebrate surviving another plot. We hope everyone’s been having fun as things have finally started to pick up again. Toby and I have our next plot line ready to go, but we’re going to take a little R’n’R on Qo’noS first. Before that, awards and promotions. I’ll get into the details of that in the Mission briefing below, but I hope everyone’s ready for a classy affair!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you want/need a joint log. I’m always happy to log with the crew, as long as I have time, so don’t be shy. Just be aware that waiting until the last minute to ask me to help you with a log may not work out, especially if it’s Saturday evening on a SIM report weekend. And if I don’t have time, I will try to find someone else who can log with you, or I’ll at least help you get a solid idea of what to do.

Happy Logging Everyone!

=/\= Summary =/\=

As Rochelle Ivanova started to recover, she was back in full force to run her ship even as she wasn’t ready yet. First order of business was a conversation with Commander Archer who’d been cooling his heels in the brig. Once the whole situation of the civil war was made apparent, a game plan was laid out for the Vindicator to declare loyalties to Starfleet and to secure the ship in case any Federation loyalists were within the crew. Course was laid in for Klingon space. As a result of Vindicator’s little jaunt into Notura’s atmosphere, as well as the conditions encountered while orbiting the planet, the thrusters are almost completely inoperable, and the warp drive can’t make it above warp 4. So the proud Vindicator was forced to limp her way into Klingon space and be towed into the shipyards.

On Vindicator’s journey to the shipyards, the Trill Symbiosis commission stopped in to collect Captain Landon Neyes to take him within their care and make the ultimate decision if he can be nursed back to health or if the symbiote will move to a new host. Preparations were made for an upcoming award ceremony for the crew, and friendships old and new were explored.

Meanwhile in the shipyards, we get to meet a few of our new crew. Our new Chief medical officer, Lieutenant Rotek, runs into the parents of one of the crew, Rear Admiral Corey Waterhouse and his wife Diziara, then shares dinner with them; and our new engineer, Dani Atarah, has a parting encounter with Corey and Diziara having been friendly while they were all posted together at Utopia Planitia before the civil war broke out.

=/\= Mission Briefing =/\=

We will be kicking off the awards ceremony with the award and promotion log that is slated for release today. Some of you saw fragments of this log earlier this week when we asked you to tag on your awards. Thank you to everyone who got back to us promptly on that, it was a great help.

All logs relating to the awards ceremony are to be considered DUTY logs, as attendance at the ceremony is considered mandatory. Attire is military ball black tie: Dress uniform for the men, and black tie appropriate dresses for the ladies. The setting was laid out in the log “I’m Doin’ Fine on Cloud Nine”, and the music is a big band/swing band, mostly towards the down tempo end of the spectrum. The party will occupy through this coming Saturday from an out of character perspective, to give all of you a chance to log and interact with your crewmates.

We will be lingering around the shipyards for about two weeks time, in character, before heading out for some R’n’R on Qo’noS before our next plot starts. So now’s the time to get personal Fleet related business out of the way before we take off again.

=/\= Changes =/\=

New Recruits:

  • With the departure of Captain Landon Neyes, we get in his place Lieutenant Commander Tristan Neyes, our new head counselor. We’re pleased to be keeping the brilliant writer that brought us our former captain, and look forward to many awesome logs with his new character.
  • Speaking of brilliant writers, we also have the pleasure to welcome Commander Vlimar PontBrillant to the crew in the position of chief Operations. This character has had the pleasure of gracing the corridors of a previous Vindicator, years ago, and the player is one with much UCIP experience.
  • Ensign Robyn Maxwell will be joining us in sickbay as a medical officer.
  • Norman Bernard III will be a civilian joining us to manage the newly renovated Lounge on deck 2. Inspired by the holodeck program the awards ceremony is taking place in, and taking its name from the program likewise, we’re hoping that you’ll enjoy your time in After Dark with it under the care of Mr. Bernard.

Departing Crew:
  • Ensign James Renner, due to inactivity.

Log Counts
  • Commander Rochelle Ivanova - 8
  • Lieutenant Te'shara R’heil - excused
  • Lieutenant Chloe Ebonhart - 3
  • Commander Vlimar PontBrillant - 1
  • Lieutenant Commander Almar Dahe’el - 6
  • Lieutenant Danielle Atarah - 2

  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Saia Roswell - 2
  • Lieutenant Rotek - 2
  • Lieutenant Commander Tristan Neyes - 2
  • Commander James Archer - 1
  • Lieutenant Amelia Waterhouse - 17
  • 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza - 4
  • Fleet Admiral Kerry Malone (guest) - 2

Overall, a wonderful logging period this time. Lots of activity from everyone! We also had a couple guest appearances from Frankie as Fleet Admiral Malone, our IC CinC. Thanks to him for both of those logs. For the most part everyone met minimums, but please remember the following: Our logging period is two weeks, all department heads are expected two quality logs in that time, and everyone else is required one. We are delighted with anyone who is able to give us more than that, and we need you to communicate with us if for some reason you can not meet minimums. We absolutely understand that life will sometimes get in the way, and we are all here to have fun, so just let us know what’s up.


Lieutenant Amelia Waterhouse
Infiltration Officer (XO ooc)
USS Vindicator


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