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SIM Report for USS Vindicator - 08/23/2014 - 09/08/2014

Posted on Tue Sep 9th, 2014 @ 5:05am by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova

Period: 08/23/2014 - 09/08/2014


Oh my heavens what can I say other than ‘GREAT JOB!’?!?! You guys are on fire and I can’t get over how incredible everyone is doing. I get so much joy out reading your logs it isn’t even funny. You guys are often the highlight of my day and I look forward to coming on-line to see what’s new in our awesome little universe. Collaborating with you lot is truly a privilege and I know we’re in for even more fun so sit let’s keep this party jumpin!

That being said… I want to address a few things.

1.) PRETTY PLEASE adhere to the log subject format of “Joint Duty Log/Joint Personal Log | character, character - “title in quotes”” Or “Duty/Personal Log | Character - “title in quotes”” when posting/writing your logs. This just helps keep things uniform and makes it A LOT easier when we identify authors of logs come SIM report time and we reeeeeeaally really do want to give each and every one of you the credit you lot are due!

2.) To make reading easier on everyone, please split logs over 2000 words in length into parts. IE: if your log “Joint Personal Log | Cmdr. Smith, Lt. Pocohontas - “Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind” is 6000 words long, please split it into three separate logs and just tack “Pt I/II/III” on the end as needed.

3.) You may have noticed on the rules and joining pages that we’ve cracked down a bit on our rating system here on the SIM. USS Vindicator is rated “R” for Restricted or “M” for Mature. Why? Because we’re adults and adults use bad words and it’s Star Trek so we know there’s bound to be gore, there’s lads and ladies, so there’s bound to be intense romance scenes. If you’d see it in a game rated “M” or a movie rated “R”, be prepared to read it in logs released on this SIM.

The following has been added and we WILL be strictly enforcing it for legal reasons.

“Members who choose to ignore our posting criteria minimums or post posts with explicit vulgar content (above rated-R) will be removed immediately, and by continuing, you agree to this.

In addition, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), we do not accept players under the age of 17. Any players found to be under the age of 17 will be immediately removed without question.

This sim is Rated-R (formerly NC-17). By agreeing to these terms, you are also saying that you are above the age of 17.”

In short, we love you and want to protect everyone’s best interests and we thank you, sincerely, for understanding.

3.) We have an IRC channel on KDFS! A lot of you didn’t know this until recently, some of you may not know this at all, so here it is! you can sign onto an IRC client, go to the KDFS servers, and join #USS-Vindicator to come party with us in real time!
We promise we don’t bite unless you ask us to!


Ok so you have all seen that there are two pending award nominations on the Nova, buuuut you can’t see who’s been nominated for what. Instead you’re brought to a page asking you if you’d like to nominate someone yourself. We’d like to encourage you to nominate your fellow players/characters for awards! Come our next awards ceremony, which will be at the end of this plot, awards and promotions will be doled out and this is your chance to tell us, your faithful command team, who YOU think deserves a pat on the back! These nominations, as you can well see, are fully confidential.

As usual, any comments/questions/concerns can be forwarded directly to the command staff via our e-mail oooor by way of IRC. We’re like 7-11; we may not be doing business, but we’re always open.

With all my love and more,

So many great logs this period, I absolutely love it. Keep up the fantastic job. We've got some great new players and characters incoming with this period, as those of you who hang on irc may already know. Please make them feel as welcome as you've made everyone before them feel too!

With all the logging, I've noticed one thing that potentially puts a spanner in the works with joint logs that have groups of people working on them. Someone will see there's a tag on a log, they'll go into edit mode to look, but the tag will be intended for someone else... So now the log is locked for five minutes, or you've got to save it without any changes, triggering another email notification for everyone involved. Did you know, if you click the little spy glass to the right, it'll take you into view mode where you can read without locking the log? This is also great if you're using bits of html like the em and strong tags, as it allows you to see that the tags are closed correctly and how the log will look to everyone else.

There are so many little details in Nova that are intended to make things so much easier to just enjoy the game. Are there any other tips or tricks you've learned about Nova that you think others would benefit from knowing? Email me at with the subject of Nova Tricks, and I'll include the popular or really cool ones with you guys in the next SIM report.

Love, Tribbles, and Blood Wine,


Lieutenant Atarah is caught by Lt. Commander Waterhouse while trying to commandeer a runabout in order to defect back to Earth in search of friends and family being held on the planet under threat of Federation First. Waterhouse is unable to deter the stubborn Lieutenant and, feeling guilty for a previous accident on another ship that claimed the Lieutenant’s eyes, enables her with intel grade papers that would see her receive safe passage through Fleet controlled space.

Choosing to be honest about the encounter, Lt Commander Waterhouse chooses to inform Captain Ivanova of her choices and how Lieutenant Atarah has left ship. The Captain is quick to lecture her XO about the choices command teams must make and how the Lieutenant’s fate now ultimately rests in Amelia’s hands. She hopes, however, that Dani is successful in meeting up with her long lost friends that include the Captain’s own mentor; Commodore Andrea Levine.

Lieutenant Novak and Ensign Maxwell have an interesting time of things when the Quarter Master messes up their rooming by accidentally placing them together. After some confusion and tension, the mistake becomes apparent and Novak is nice enough to allow Maxwell to keep the room until morning.

Captain Ivanova meets with the new Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Rotek, for a physical – the last thing standing in the way of the Vindicator being cleared to leave Qu’Vat station. She received a clean bill of health.

Later that evening she sits with her Yeoman, Crewman Cecil DuPont, and while pouring over countless reports chooses to share one of her favorite pastimes with the man; tea. Having never had a formal lesson in the goodness, Cecil is eager to learn and appreciates the non-replicated stuff.

Lieutenant Atarah eventually makes it to Earth where she runs into her ex-flame, a Trill by the name of Kalina Zett, who Dani feels she once betrayed. The flame rekindles as Dani is forced to acquiesce to the demands of an old boss with connections in dark, seedy places in order to reach her friends and family.
Meanwhile on the ship Norbert, the lounge manager, convinces Commander PontBrillant to expedite liquor shipments in exchange for safe delivery and procurement of fine wines for the Commander.

Crewman DuPont unwittingly falls prey to Lt. Commander Neyes as he digs for information concerning the Captain’s well-being after the death of Captain Neyes and determines that the woman has been confiding in her friend/XO Lt. Commander Waterhouse. He doesn’t like it, but makes note to view the holo-recording of the award ceremony for further information.

Meanwhile, far far away and working on his clandestine op, Commander Archer frees a Xepolite burned Section 31 agent/ political refugee from Rura Penthe with the money he “borrowed” from Captain Ivanova. A short time after the near dead operative is recovered safely aboard the runabout, the warden’s office mysteriously blows up, killing him instantly.

Shortly after, the Captain and her First Officer make good on her offer to take Zed on a tour of the bridge. Rochelle is completely enamored with the boy and promotes him to temporary XO for the duration of the tour. Their first stop, the command chair, gives Amelia and Lt. Commander Neyes a brief moment alone where they discuss tea. Neyes extends an invitation to Waterhouse and a “friend” to join he and Zed for tea.

A mysterious and aggressive visitor named Mikkal has traveled far and wide from Atlantis Prime via a wormhole in the Beta Quadrant to bring news to Captain Ivanova. Commander PontBrillant greets him and is immediately brought under demand to bring Mikkal to meet the Captain where it is revealed that she has inherited the throne as Queen of Atlantis Prime due to her previous, now dissolved, marriage to Captain William Taggart, prince of Atlantis. Unwilling to take the crown she uses every stall tactic possible, including calling Lt. Commander Waterhouse to the ready room where she’s forced to play witness to the coronation. During coronation, Mikkal backhands the Captain with a closed fist in retribution for her being the first human to hold the throne and leaves her with a black eye.

Commander PontBrillant takes it upon himself to walk Mikkal to his quarters after he declares himself a political refugee in order to avoid the Captain’s wrath and being removed as her royal porter. During that trip Mikkal attempts to bribe the Commander with promises of power. Commander PontBrillant stalls the turbolift and physically confronts the man, letting him know where he stands according to Starfleet and the crew of the Vindicator.

Amelia goes to talk with Commander PontBrillant about the events that had transpired in the ready room and more. Her talk with him is short lived when something spooks the woman, likely her budding emotions for the man, and she rabbits from his quarters leaving him confused.

Meanwhile, Captain Ivanova calls for Commander Dahe’el to speak with her in the privacy of her quarters following her coronation where she reveals to him not only her black eye, but the cause behind it. The two speak of the Starfleet regulations concerning crowned regents serving as officers and Rochelle states she’d give up the crown is she could because Starfleet would always come first. The topic is tabled and the two share a heated, passionate moment until the Captain pulls away and informs her Second Officer that she’s not ready and still mourning. Tenderness ensues and the Commander borrows a dermal regenerator to do a once over healing of her eye to save her the embarrassment of going to sickbay.

The next day, fed up with the complaints about the lounge manager, the Captain goes to meet with the man herself and receives a warm welcome. Skeptical, she makes it known that the lounge is hers by proxy of belonging to the ship and Norbert chooses to butter her up with a gift of a priceless bottle of vintage bourbon, a gift from his father in good faith. Appreciative of the sentiment, the woman informs him to thank his father and leaves him to finish sorting through the mess of wine crates that had been left to him.

The ship finally gets underway to Qo’noS after some rough handling by the Klingon operations team at Qu’Vat station. Shaken, but not stirred, the ship takes off and vacation begins!

Commander PontBrillant decides to take the Captain up on her offered lunch and swings past her ready room to invite her out. She accepts even though she’s still suspicious of him due to his newness and history. During their ride to the lounge she engages the Commander in a game of chicken that results in the man grabbing her and passionately kissing her. She demands he never do so again without her permission and they proceed to have an interesting lunch together softened by their shared love of horses.

After her lunch with the Commander, Rochelle is quick to try and escape to a holo-program featuring her equestrian hobbies as way of stress relief and walks in on Lt. Commander Neyes watching the holo-recording of the award ceremony. She catches him watching her and Commander Dahe’el dancing, a scene which stirs up an intense wave of emotion from the Neyes Symbiont, and a fight ensues when she refuses to yield to his attempts to help her heal. It’s extremely apparent that both people love and mourn Captain Neyes, and neither one is having an easy time letting his memory go. They part after the fight, still tense and no closer to finding middle ground even though Ivanova realizes that they’re two parts of the same whole.

Petty Officer Second Class Rael Rayya decides not to re-enlist as a Marine, but rather pick up his NCO billet and return to work as a Science officer under Starfleet. Second Lieutenant Garza arranges a meeting between him and the command team where his future is discussed and they decide to appoint him as a science officer.

Pissed off by the revelations by Norbert that her crew is making such concessions for him, Captain Ivanova calls Commander PontBrillant into her ready room and tells him of the implications, warning him it won’t be tolerated as they’re in the middle of a war. Vlimar is visibly upset by this and decides he’ll handle Norbert himself.

Waterhouse grabs Ivanova to show her the intricate work Dani had created in the holodeck in order to trade messages back and forth with her trusted allies on the Vindicator. After getting through the toon bar, Rochelle is served a message by Ironman in the billiards hall recorded by Dani. The message explains why she did what she did and compliments the Captain on making her life with Starfleet worthwhile. Emotionally touched, Rochelle sends Dani a message by way of Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner telling Dani it’s alright and to pick up a couple items from her home on Earth to give to Commodore Levine.

Norbert reviews recordings of the Captain and Commander PontBrillant’s lunch together and decides that the information could potentially be used to upset the balance between the command team as the XO is rumored to be attempting to court the man. He tucks the information away for later use thinking it could help him guard the true contents of his shipments.

Arriving at Qo’noS, Waterhouse demands that the Captain let down her hair and not wear a boring one piece black bathing suit on the way down to the beach from the ship. After some whining by Rochelle, it’s decided she’ll wear a turquoise and chocolate string bikini along with her sarong and the ladies are off – but not before encountering Commander PontBrillant in the turbo lift who’s pleasantly surprised by their choice of attire. He’s given his first look at Amelia’s tattoo as they walk to the transporter room to meet with Commander Dahe’el and transport down to the resort.

Cecil meets with Norbert for the first time and the slimy lounge manager is quick to sink his hooks into the Captain’s Yeoman, digging for information about the woman using bait of gifts (that are turned down by the by-the-book crewman) and juicy grapevine gossip concerning the Captain and Commander PontBrillant. The gig is up when Cecil dutifully replies that he doesn’t gossip.

Once at the resort, the command team are quick to float along to the beach to enjoy the finest sand and surf that Qo’noS has to offer.

Alone with Vlimar, Amelia is pleased to share a moment in the sea with the man. They speak and tease one another, openly flirting, until a wave drags them both under and they decide to retire to the beach. Amelia, going in for a kiss, is almost run over by a young Andorian Frisbee player and the pair decide to reconvene for dinner in a couple hours, giving Vlimar a chance to check in and Amelia a chance to change.

Meanwhile, alone in her resort suite, the Captain tries to soak in her bath tub and is successful in relaxing until her mind wanders along everything troubling her surrounding love and loss. The thoughts are eventually too disturbing to be considered part of relaxation and she leaves the tub to get ready for bed.

Alone in her quarters on the ship, Lieutenant Ebonheart decides that she’s crushing hard on Commander PontBrillant and tucks herself in bed pondering their future and her the mysterious Atlantean envoy she’s been assigned by the Commander to watch.

Unable to sleep, Rochelle takes a sunset stroll along to beach where she’s stopped by Commander Archer who’s back from his op. Deciding that the Captain is far more friendly than she has been to him in the past, James buys her a raktajino and the two spend time discussing a new Xepolite crew member he’s brought aboard after he all but confirms he’d been responsible for what happened at Rura Penthe. They part ways after darkness falls and a Klingon guard demands they go back inside the resort for safety.

Mission Briefing
The USS Vindicator has left the Qu’Vat ship yards and is now in high orbit around Qo’noS while the crew is booked for liberty/shore leave at a Ferengi owned beachside resort named Qapla’ (see “Spring” and “Sand Castles In The Sky” for descriptions).


2Lt. Jasmine Garza swapped for PO2 Rael Rayya APB Aza

Welcome to;

Commander Logan Grant APB Spaceman
Lieutenant Dustin Shea APB Demon
Lieutenant James Donaldson APB Thompson
Ensign Lily Charlson APB James_Kaz

Log Counts

Captain Rochelle Ivanova - 19
Lieutenant Commander Amelia Waterhouse - 20
Lieutenant Henry Novak - 4
Lieutenant Te'shara R’heil - 2
Lieutenant Chloe Ebonhart - 3
Lieutenant Lily Charlson - 1
Lieutenant James Donaldson *
Commander Vlimar PontBrillant - 14
Commander Almar Dahe’el - 3
Lieutenant Danielle Atarah - 15
Lieutenant Dustin Shea *
Lieutenant Junior Grade Saia Roswell - 2
Lieutenant Rotek - 3
Lieutenant Commander Tristan Neyes - 6
Commander Logan Grant *
Ensign Robyn Maxwell - 10
Commander James Archer -2
PO2 Rael Rayya - 6
Norbert Bernard III - 11

Reporting Officer

Rochelle Ivanova, Captain
Commanding Officer

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