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SIM Report for USS Vindicator - 11/03/2014 - 11/30/2014

Posted on Tue Dec 2nd, 2014 @ 9:06pm by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova

SIM Report for USS Vindicator
Period: November 3rd 2014 - November 30th 2014


Tis the season to be jolly, folks! We have slower logging periods due to the holiday season and we know you guys are traveling and shopping and baking and all that good stuff, but we really like to know what we can and can’t expect from you. Please let us know if you’ll be unable to meet minimums, and I promise we’re no the Grinch so we won’t bite or steal your tree or anything weird like that.

That being said… I’M BACK! Moved, somewhat settled, and definitely logging. If you need ANYTHING from me, you know where to find me! So consider this a brief love note!

ALSO: if you’re interested in doing a holiday card exchange and/or a Secret Santa, please let me know your info no later than the 12th! SS cap will be $20 on gifts! We’ll send out a separate e-mail about this right after this report goes out!


Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had some rather slow logging periods the last two periods. Thank you to all of you who are still giving it your best to meet requirements. We love you, and we’re hoping to get everything squared away soon. Those of you who I’ve reached out to, and haven’t heard back from you, we need to at least know what’s up if you wish to stay with us. No call, no show for a while, even with logging been at the levels they’ve been is a concern. We’d rather put you on LOA than be unsure what’s up and hoping you’re okay. Please just give us a PM or shoot an email to the command list to let us know you’re at least alive. Please?
We’ve had some rough sailing lately, but those of you who’ve stuck with us through it, we thank you so much. You guys are what makes SIMing great, and we love you for it.

Love and Tribbles,

Plot Summary

During the Romulan battle, Ensign Charlson steps up and takes charge of security, possibly ruffling a few feathers on the way. Saia Roswell spends a little time just after the Romulan battle reflecting upon bravery. As the dust settles in the aftermath, Yeoman duPont heads down to sickbay to see how the Captain’s doing, and has a short conversation with the doctor about it.

In the quest to try to find out if the man claiming to be Landon was indeed the real thing, Waterhouse and Levine are forced into using a tea party with their friend as a cover to ‘borrow’ a leather bracelet in order to compare DNA between the blood on it that came from Landon on Notura, the records in the Starfleet Database, and the man ferreted away in the bowels of the ship. A couple days later, Noah remembers the Romulan PADD he found in sickbay, which he brings to Levine when he sees mention of Neyes and Symbiont within the translated text. In the end, the contents of the PADD support the DNA evidence of Levine’s research, but though Landon is who he says he is, further questions are raised.

Roswell spends some time considering her costume for the masque, and reflecting on the issue presented by the anonymity of the masks and costumes. Ens Jane Jones reports for duty in sickbay, meeting Dr Rotek. The Captain has a conversation with Admiral Malone about his reassignment, and his regrets that this means he can not pursue a relationship with her now.

Noah Waterhouse gets helpful with Landon, offering him the cover of a costume to let him go to the masque. Waterhouse and Cecil make a last minute check on the program before the Captain arrives and get the penny tour just as the rest of the crew starts to show up. Waterhouse runs into the doctor, who’s elected to let his hair down and enjoy himself a little, but asks her if they can talk later as friends about some of what’s been on his mind as of late. Roswell and her boyfriend encounter Zola, and between conversation about the holodeck and detective stories, Zola shows them to somewhere quiet that helps calm Saia’s nerves a little.
Noah encounters Chloe Ebonheart, and mistakes her half-Caitian ears and tail for part of her costume, then shares conversation with her until his soon to be former pilot makes a fool of himself over the rum punch. As Noah parts ways with Chloe, Cecil swoops in to check on his friend, and the two share some history about their parents and other conversation on the balcony. Back with Saia and Kevin, the pair encounter one of the people from Roswell’s department, and notes are exchanged about the differences in their respective relationships.

Mission Briefing
With the season upon us, we’re not going to embark on anything crazy. Please finish up your Masquerade logs and prepare for us to leave Qu’Vat for the Sol system. This will all likely be RnR and Character Development unless we start feeling froggy. Training sessions in your department would be a great way to spend this time. Try JLing with someone you haven’t logged with before! Keep in mind that CHRISTMAS will be our next award ceremony!

Roster Changes
Lt Henry Novak has resigned.

Commodore Andrea Levine will be mooeypoo’s primary character now, with Lt Dani Atarah becoming an NPC.

Log Counts

Captain Rochelle Ivanova
Lieutenant Commander Amelia Waterhouse
Lieutenant Te'shara R’heil
Lieutenant Chloe Ebonhart
Lieutenant Lily Charlson
Commander Almar Dahe’el
Lieutenant Dustin Shea
Lieutenant Junior Grade Saia Roswell
Lieutenant Kitaru Hirano Ph.D
Lieutenant Rotek
Lieutenant Commander Tristan Neyes
Commander Logan Grant
Commander James Archer
Commander Gabriel Parsons
Major Koer
Commodore Andrea Levine
Admiral Kerry Malone
Total counts is listed as two numbers: the number of logs released/the counts by player contribution.

Reporting Officers
Rochelle Ivanova, Captain
Commanding Officer

Lt Cmdr Amelia Waterhouse
Executive Officer
USS Vindicator, NCC-78213-E

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