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SIM Report - October 20th - November 2nd 2014

Posted on Thu Nov 6th, 2014 @ 11:24am by Commander Amelia Waterhouse

Pretty version can be found here:

=/\= XO =/\=
As some of you may have noticed, our beloved Captain's real life has been getting in her way lately. She's still with us, and is making every effort to stay involved, but for the time being, please let her focus on RL and logging. Please bring any and all plot related, meta, or ooc issues to me directly. I will be in contact with her, and she'll still be involved in the decision making, but her primary focus needs to be RL for right now.

There are a few unexpected zeros in the log counts this period, and a couple of department heads who didn't get two logs out. I'll be reaching out to each of you individually to see what we can do to help you out, and make sure everything is okay. Our primary concern is always that you're having fun, so please let us know what we can do to help. And of course, if RL is just what's keeping you from logging, please just give us a heads up.

If you need anything, I'm frequently on irc, and Nova does email me for every pm I receive, so I'm usually quick to respond. I'm also always available for joint logs!

LtCmdr Amelia Waterhouse, XO

=/\= Summary =/\=
We opened up the logging period with Dani Atarah's efforts paying off with the safe arrival of Commodore Andrea Levine and family to the Vindicator. Another measure of success came through for the Vindicator crew when Krogoth was convinced to allow Federation scientists to study the native inhabitants of K3, thus reassuring Noah Waterhouse that they would be safe when he and his people leave. Meanwhile, the science team find their efforts hindered by the affection and singing of the natives, until they're ordered to depart the planet at the Klingons' request.

The Captain received another note for a rendezvous in the arboretum, and goes intending to put a stop to it once and for all, only to find Mikkal instead of the expected Vlimar PontBrillant. His intent was to force himself on the fiery little Captain, but after an intense struggle he was the one left critically injured in sickbay. Rochelle is then escorted to sickbay by Vilmar after his security team answer her call for help, and after the necessary tests are performed, she is returned to her quarters where she finds that in the small hours of the morning, she needed Almar. The Cardassian does his best to soothe the redhead and she spends some time in his arms before taking a shower.

Some time after the events in the arboretum, Amelia, Almar, Vlimar, Archer and Tristan meet in the XO’s quarters to discuss what should happen to Mikkal, but it gets off to a bad start when Almar accuses Vlimar of being involved and punches him in the face, after that is dealt with the only course of action is that Vlimar not be allowed to continue the investigation personally.

After dealing with the planet, both ship and crew are about ready to head back to Qu’vat and then on back to Earth too. Tachyon emissions are detected and it is revealed to be a Romulan D’Deridex, the Subcommander in command orders the surrender of Archer, the Captain does not entertain the demands and a battle ensues in which the Romulan ship seemingly has something a little extra to help it take on one of Starfleet’s best. Heavy damage is taken on both sides with both ships being disabled, the Vindicator offers terms of surrender shortly before a Valdore Class warbird decloaks and destroys the D’Deridex without a word, Captain Ivanova, having been injured in the battle, allows herself to be taken to sickbay again.

Lieutenant Ebonheart’s call home is interrupted by the outbreak of the battle with the Romulans, and she's deployed to escort repair crews during the red alert. In sickbay, there is a challenge getting the Romulan survivors tended to, until counselors Grant and Neyes arrive. Among the pointed ear casualties is a man who is most certainly not green blooded and pointed eared, and is very familiar to Tristan. He enlists the help of Grant to tend to this mystery, accidentally acquiring the help of Noah Waterhouse along the way. Captain Ivanova is tended to with care and skill by Doctor Rotek, and sent to her quarters to rest with directions to stay off duty for the next week.

Back with the counselors, the pastafarian, and the mystery man (sounds like the start of a good joke, right?), we come to find out that the mystery man appears to be Captain Landon Neyes, even the computer believes it. The XO is paged with an unusual choice of phrase, but she gets there is record time to help contain the situation; it is decided that informing Ivanova without knowing that this really is Landon could just be the finishing blow after all that has happened lately. After moving the situation to a set of unused quarters, Amelia takes off to get the help of Commander Archer to contain the situation, and Noah is sent to bring Levine to help verify the identity of the Trill on the biobed. After an altercation between the brothers, Grant gets Landon talking and a story of being picked up on Notura and being held and tortured by the Romulans comes out. Disbelief and shock come to him when told that someone who claimed to be him had died leaving Notura, and that a symbiont believed to be the Neyes symbiont is residing in Landon's brother.

Krogoth brings assistance in the form of a tow from the Klingons to get the Vindicator back to the shipyards, and life starts to get back to normal. Ivanova and Grant spend a little time catching up as the Captain recovers. Waterhouse and Ivanova start the final planning of the masque to celebrate the end of the civil war.

=/\= Mission Briefing =/\=
In celebration of the end of the Federation civil war, and to boost morale, a masque is being held in the spirit of the season after we wrap up activity from the battle with the Romulans. Please get your logs in from the battle over the course of this coming week, especially if you haven't done anything in response to it already, then enjoy the fun the anonymity of a mask can bring.

After the masque, we'll be repairing Vindicator and performing training exercises. Department heads, please give some consideration as to what you might like to see us include in the training exercises, and email the command staff list:

=/\= Changes =/\=
- Commander Vlimar PontBrillant has resigned
- Norbert Bernard III has resigned
- Sally Moffat has resigned
- Petty Officer Rael Rayya has resigned

=/\= Welcome =/\=
Ensign Lily Charlson is returning from LOA, though mostly participating via phone and borrowed computer.


Captain Rochelle Ivanova - 16
Lieutenant Commander Amelia Waterhouse - 19
Lieutenant Henry Novak - 3
Lieutenant Te'shara R’heil - 2
Lieutenant Chloe Ebonhart - 3
Lieutenant Lily Charlson - LOA
Commander Vlimar PontBrillant - 8
Commander Almar Dahe’el - 6
Lieutenant Dustin Shea - LOA
Lieutenant Danielle Atarah - 5
Lieutenant Junior Grade Saia Roswell - 1
PO2 Rael Rayya - 1
Lieutenant Kitaru Hirano Ph.D - 0
Lieutenant Rotek - 1
Lieutenant Commander Tristan Neyes - 15
Commander Logan Grant - 8
Commander James Archer - 6
Commander Gabriel Parsons - 0
Major Koer - 0
Norbert Bernard III - 1
Sally Moffat - 0
Total counts is listed as two numbers: the number of logs released/the counts by player contribution.


Rochelle Ivanova, Captain
Commanding Officer

Lt Cmdr Amelia Waterhouse
Executive Officer
USS Vindicator, NCC-78213-E


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