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2015/2016 UCIP Census

Posted on Thu Aug 6th, 2015 @ 6:07am by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova

Greetings crew!

The President of our illustrious organization is conducting an org-wide census and has kindly asked that all SIMs and all players participate. As such, I’m asking that each player send the following information to CMD@Vindicator.UCIP.ORG no later than Midnight, August 20th of this year. Thanks a million for your cooperation and continued support. Any questions, comments, or concerns can also be fielded to that e-mail address and we’ll work to answer them as quickly as humanly possible.


Player Name:
Player Real Name (first, last)
E-Mail Address(es): (IE: any email used in any capacity for UCIP purposes)
Gender: M/F
Active Simmer: Y/N/ELOA

Thanks again!


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