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IMPORTANT: the new era of Vindicator

Posted on Thu May 28th, 2015 @ 7:23am by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova

Dear Vindicator Crew,

With Amy (Pond) leaving UCIP, and of course the Vindicator in kind, I am here now to announce a new era in our SIM’s history as well as a change in our IC and OOC social structure.

Aristotle is, for all intents and purposes, the “Game Master”. He will be working with the membership of the Vinidcator to help trim the “fat” and better organize and prioritize us as a SIM. The idea is to help even things out and to engage you guys more in the plot and goings on. We want to know more about what YOU want and what ideas YOU have regarding plots. By now you’ve likely seen the “DO NOT POST” logs asking for communication and ideas. Read them. Answer on them. Let’s open communication and warmly herald this new era in.

I am remaining as CO with Commodore Ivanova. I am still in charge and still making decisions, but I will weigh things against Aristotle’s experience and his suggestions as we go along. Things have needed to be changed for a while, and I’m sincerely grateful for the chance to move forward and polish Vindicator back up. It’s very needed, long overdue, and that’s ok. Better late than never. That being said… The rest of Vindicator’s committee are as follows;

Mike is handling the role of XO on a IC level with Commander Almar Dahe’el. So for IC related XO stuff… You have your character go to Cmdr Dahe’el.

Another new face you’re going to be seeing is Violator and his character Cmdr. Chatham Fuller. Cmdr Fuller will be taking over the role as Chief Engineering Officer and, with the Gods smiling with fortune, will take up the role of XO in due course. Violator is an old face in UCIP and once upon a time was the skipper of the Vindicator with Captain Lance Violator. It brings me a lot of joy to welcome him back to our family in ANY capacity and we can all learn a lot from him. Violator is the head of Star Trek Axanar’s official STO fleet, so if you’re a STO player… Hit him up. Never heard about the Axanar project? Hit him up. It’s an incredible piece of Trek and a huge need to know.

That all being said, Sean` via Commander James Archer will be taking up the reins as Second Officer. In the event that Mike or his character was to be incapacitated, Sean` will step in and fill the role of XO in an IC capacity. Sean` brings a lot to the table as a command role player having been the CO of the Vindicator, and several other SIMs and Fleets, in the past. To say that I’m happy to have him sitting council on the Vindicator now is a complete understatement. He’s been one of the loudest voices demanding change in the past and now we have a chance to make it happen.

Last, but certainly not least, Landon will always be around to help in an admin capacity. His characters need no introduction to our crew as we stand. His ideas and the flair he brings to the Vindicator cannot be replaced, nor will we ever try. Regardless, Commander Tristan Neyes is our Chief Counselor and, as such, sits high on our command structure IC. OOC, he’s very much another right hand to me and his input is extremely valuable. He’s always happy to log with people, though may be slow to an extremely heavy IRL work load, but his loyalty to the Vindicator runs ridiculously deep.

Policies are going to be strictly enforced. Things are going to be shaken up a bit, but it’s for the absolute best in the long run. WE, as a Command Team, promise you this. So in short; Good things are happening. Let’s pour a 40 for Pond, always remember her, always welcome her, but let’s not lose Vindicator’s incredible momentum.

Love Always,
Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer


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