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SD 241307.13: Out for a Run

Posted on Sun Jul 14th, 2013 @ 5:05am by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

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~*~ Start Log ~*~

Lynda was out for a run through the ship. It was late, and quite, just the way that she liked it. No one around to bother her on her run or stop her from running to either do something or go to sleep. Either way it was nice and quiet.

She would stop soon, though at the moment she was enjoying herself. Sweat slid down her back as the light beads slid into another creating a chain effect not stopping until it touched the waistband of her jogging shorts. with a 21st century MP3 player strapped to her arm, she listened to her favorite songs as she ran knowing that she was safe on this ship. Well as safe as anyone who lived on a starship.

The music made Lynda forget how long she ran, did she run from something? was she running to something? Lynda wasn't completely sure. She did know she found pleasure in running. took pleasure in being active. it's why she was so 'active' about everything in her life. Her duty, her love life, her off time, her life in general. Lynda lived each moment as if it were her last if she didn't then what was the point in living life at all.

Life is anything but dull unless you let it be...

~*~ End Log ~*~

1st Lieutenant Lynda Howard
251st Tactical Assault Squadron
Blue Flight Leader
USS Vindicator-E


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