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Te`shara relaxing on Baas

Posted on Mon Jul 7th, 2014 @ 10:46pm by Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

290 words; about a 1 minute read

=/\= Planet Baas=/\=
Te`shara was on the planet still doing her duties,as usual, she thought she would go into one of the buildings to warm up, she sat down on
on one of the chairs, to relax.. She stayed inside for a while, while the second shift was doing their job...Te`shara purred to herself, as
she relaxed, She hoped one day soon, that the vindicator crew on the planet, gets back to the ship soon as the mission was over..and plus
Te'shara would need bed rest, she felt burned out, on this mission, but work get done...So far by the fire in the fireplace, Te`shara
would sit down on their couch, and relax. She was tired,so she decided to relax on the couch, for a while, while drinking a cup of coffee..

Te`shara was drinking coffee, from one of the people who gave a cup of coffee, she relax and talk to them in a friendly chat between the
people that live on the planet, it was nice to talk to other people, as she was off duty,so the whole time Te'shara was enjoying her coffee, and
talking to some of the villagers, it was like a small party like, that was going on, one other Security officer came in, then got him a cup of coffee,
and enjoyed himself, along with Te'shara..Enjoying himself.

It was nice to her, that some of the Villagers were around to visit 2 starfleet officers...from the USS-Vindicator.. They were so nice to her, and the
other Security officer as well. So Te'shara , and the other security officer relaxed on the couch, while enjoying the other villiagers....

Lt Te'shara R'heil


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