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Te'shara in her quarters

Posted on Sat Dec 14th, 2013 @ 4:44am by Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

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=/\= Crew Quarters=/\=

Te'shara was in her quarters, relaxing, and drinking some juice from her home world, she had it put in the replicators for her to have, she was mighty
Thirsty, and just wanted, to read some letters from home from cait she had gotten from the family, she was reading one from her gang on the
Caitian pirate ship the SS Kaittan, they were telling her mighty stories, of their voyage and how things were going , with trading and how much
gold press latium they were getting for their trades and sales from items they traded, like one had a klingon Bat'leth they sold to someone, and they'
got other items from the ferengi, that they traded and etc............

Te'shara laughed, and purr - giggled at their mighty stories and how she missed that life when she joined starfleet, to be a security officer.
she was so excited over getting letters from the Kaittan group, it made her cry with laughter. hearing from them and their many tales of
Adventure. Te'shara was drinking some caitian juice, while reading letters from home, she had also got a message from home from her mom,
saying she was doing well, herself and that she was geting up there in age, and she was taking better control of herself, the best she can,
and her dad was taking care of himself as well.

THe messages from home were great for Te'shara to hear she was happy to hear from home on cait and the pirate ship SS Kaittan, she hoped
one day she could get some R&R and go home to Cait, and visit everyone like ole times.

Lt Te'shara R'heil
Assist security


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