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Petty Officer 2nd Class Rael Rayya

Name Rael Rayya

Position Science Officer

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Daliwakan
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 155cm (5'10")
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rael is strikingly attractive; but it's not his dull blue eyes which are remarkably piercing, and at sometimes can appear to be almost silver in color, but his soft rounded features plus his eyes create almost an angelic appearance.


Personality & Traits

General Overview This matches his personality to a 'T', between his angelic looks and his charisma people tend to be pulled to him. Rael is also a tinker always needing his hands, mind or if possible both, and keeping his hands occupied isn't just limited to machinery.

Personal History At age 16 he was able to convince his parents that going off to the academy two years early was the best thing for him; his plan was to go into the Starfleet Marine Corps, but they didn't allow early admission. Plus with the two year academy sting he would have qualified for an enlisted billet as a naval NCO, if for whatever reason the Marines didn't work out.

Luckily both of his parents wanted more than what they had; so it didn't take much convincing, but it convincing the academy enrollment office was different but it did work and Rael was able to enter at 16. So the next two years would be spent learning basic security including the use of phasers (rifle and hand), basic hand to hand along with basic first aide.

Rael found his nitch in science; excelling in the general sciences as which actually makes him a more valuable scientist mate allowing him to help in and lab on really assignment as well. Overall though the geosciences peaked his interest the most, he actually found the the sub-geoscience of Geology.

After his two year stint at the academy Rael re-enlisted within the Marines spending roughly four months at bootcamp. Where it was more advanced weapon training; including ballistic weapon use and grenades, as well as advanced BLS (basic life saving skills) as well as a couple of leadership courses and courses on tactics and hand signals.

Rounding out that first half of the year Rael got his qualifications to be a Sergeant at Arms, (Marines counterpart to the naval Master at Arms position). He was formally trained on any and all infantry weapons (light and heavy) and basic infantry equipment; all equipment that'll be on the PLCE (Personal Load Carry Equipment).

His first assignment was on the USS (name), a modified Nebula class troop transport it operated within the Sol system. Providing Marine support where needed and helping with patrols, but Rael quickly moved into the Sergeant at Arms with developing a more efficient 'door opener', which was faster and quieter than it's predecessor. Just before the Triad War started Rael was promoted to sergeant and transferred to the USS Vindicator to be their Sergeant at Arms.

After the attack on Earth Marine Captain Ellis King was transferred off along with the majority of Alpha company to be used elsewhere. This meant rebuilding the Marine presence on the Vindicator, Alpha turned into the 51st Marine Recon Unit led by 2Lt Jasmine Garza and King made the decision that she needed a seasoned Sergeant at Arms.

After the Vindicator got back to relative safe space within the former Klingon Empire Rael's commission finished up and he felt this was the perfect time to resign his Marine billet and re-up as a science mate. So he could do something good, not that being a Marine everything he did was for the bad, but he needed to some good to make up for all the harm and destruction that the weapons and equipment that he kept working for his fellow Marines.

After everything was signed off by captain Rochelle Ivanova, lieutenant commander Amelia Waterhouse and second lieutenant Jasmine Garza, Rael was shown to his new quarters were he met his new roommate the beautiful young petty officer third class Elanora Ribiera von Hesse or Ela for short. She was science mate working mainly in the botany and marine biology labs working on creating new strains of water based plant life.