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Jayde Ramsey

Name Jayde Ramsey

Position Bartender

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Hair Color black
Eye Color green
Physical Description Jayde has long jet black hair with some natural curl to it. Jayde green eyes, and long thick eyelashes, which makes her look like she has on mascara. Though curves that do wonders at attracting the attention of others. Jayde is skinny, but surprisingly strong. You can never predict by seeing her muscles that she is a weakling, for you would be wrong, you have to fight her before you know that she has multiple strength.


Other Family Cat - Salam
Ex lover - Zane Donavan
Partner/Contact - Peter Garret

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jayde is the kind of person who's laid-back and doesn't care about usually- anything. She's one who sometimes will be craving for a fight, or just stand there and watch someone who she got in trouble get beat up. Jayde is a woman you could describe in immense ways.

As feisty as Jayde is, she has a cool, silent side to her. Give her a Mountain Dew soda, a PADD filled her favorite music and one of those horror, thriller, killing books, she'll be as silent as a mouse. Then again, her being silent may not always be a good thing. More often than not, as she's reading she's also plotting.

Even a sometimes silent woman can have her loud and rebel times. Jayde doesn't care if she gets someone else in trouble for something she actually did, nor does she care that she earned the name of a rebel, or troublemaker. Jayde in all a woman with a rebellious side then with a chilled down side.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is a very passionate woman who has no probably using her looks to get what she wants. She's a secretive person with her sly smirks and great mysterious acting skills. She also has a way of finding out things she likely shouldn't. Having put some Intel officers to shame... thanks to a couple mentors she's had.

Her weakness, men. Especially one's with power... of course that can also be their weakness. It takes the right kind of man to keep her in check.
Ambitions To survive
Hobbies & Interests Computers, flying, making shady deals. Those are basic though. Having grown up in Las Vagas she knows her way around casino's and bars also.

Personal History =Personal History=

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Navada. Her parents struggled with her, and the fact that school seemed to bore her. Only to find out that she needed to be in more advanced classes. She graduated high school just after she turned 15, with scholarships to a couple of the best colleges there was. Not for any sports, but for her computer knowledge. Taking a few courses at the local college during her summer, her parents both tried to talk her into following their footsteps and going into Starfleet. But that was something she didn't want to do
Of course, after running into the wrong crowd who saw way to much potential in her? She was taught how to hack into computers and steal information. Having hooked up with the mentor that was teaching her this, she also learned how to sell what she’d found. Living in Vegas, life soon became good for her. It was nothing for some of the undercover casino’s to get her to do odd jobs, Or for her to get into and sell it to the highest bidder. She soon set up an off shore account where she pocketed the money that she received.

Perhaps it was the death with her mentor that caused things to go bad, or perhaps it was just bad luck. Either way, having hacked into the Las Vegas Police Department to get a bit of info… latest shipment of some weapons. She set herself up to sell it. Bidding was going well, as she reached top dollar. She closed the bidding and started to make the arrangements for the money to be transferred. Though that’s as far as it went. Cop’s showed up and soon enough she was being taken in. They don’t seem to like someone snooping around.

Found guilty, the judge was planning on what her sentence would be. Thankfully for her, her father was friends with the judge and somehow managed to talk him into forcing her into Starfleet rather than to waste her mind in jail, of course it likely helped that she was still under 18. Agreed, it was then all set up, and… as an added bonus, to give her a chance, the judge sealed her records.

Four years at the academy, she threw herself into her studies. Focusing on Engineering and Operations, though she did learn other things while there. Secretly, she still hacked and sold info. There was a few lazy people at the academy that would pay for copies of exams and other things.
Graduating, she found herself heading for Zetari Station….

Getting into a bit of trouble on the Station. She was caught by Zane, scared that he would turn her in. She did what she had to do to keep him happy, and over time formed a relationship with him. He helped get her off the Station and she joined him in his endeavors, learning his way of life. Even though it meant having to deal with the distrust of his crew.

Things happen though and she was brought back to Zetari, to help catch a hacker... or in her case, to help set one up. She could add undercover agent to the list of her talents now.

(more to be added a little later)
Service Record 2411XX.XX - Ensign, accepted on Zetari
241201.XX - Went MIA from Zetari
241208.XX - Resigned from Starfleet