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Vlimar PontBrillant

Name Vlimar PontBrillant

Position Special Operations

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Color Black, with sporadic grey
Eye Color Pure blue
Physical Description Vlimar is a 6 foot, muscular man, who has no apparent facial scars. However, if one sees him without his shirt on, a large, deep scar across his chest, with an obvious puncture entry point of a large object in the area of the left lung is visible.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Alexandre PontBrillant, winemaker
Mother Valerie-Anne VĂ©ronneau, biologist
Sister(s) Aurore PontBrillant - Deceased
Other Family Lieutenant Sofia della Verona, Assignment unknown

Personality & Traits

Service Record
USS Vindicator:
Senior Security Officer (Ensign)
Chief of Security (Lieutenant Junior Grade)

CLASSIFIED - Level 4 Authorization Required

SSS AlphaGold
Wingman (2nd Lieutenant -> 1st Lieutenant)
Strategic Operations Commander (1st Lieutenant -> Marine Captain)
Executive Officer (Marine Captain -> Major)
Commanding Officer (Major -> Lieutenant-Colonel)

Starbase Freedom (SB 407)
Commanding Officer (Lieutenant-Colonel)

Fleet Operations
Deputy Commander - Omega Fleet (Lieutenant-Colonel)
Starfleet Secret Services Director (Lieutenant-Colonel)
Commander - Beta Fleet (Lieutenant-Colonel -> Colonel)

Starfleet Special Forces Command
Deputy Commander (Colonel)
Head of the Strategic Operations Advisory Committee (Colonel)

USS Vindicator
Chief of Operations (Colonel -> Commander (Volunteer Demotion)


Ribbons: (From top to bottom, left to right)

Fighter Pilot wings (Academy)
Bergen Award (SSS AlphaGold) x2
Epsilon Ribbon for Excellence (Strategic Operations - Starbase Freedom & Omega Fleet)
Insurrection Organization-Wide Plot Ribbon (SSS AlphaGold - CO)
Fleet Unit Citation (SSS AlphaGold - Neutral Zone Invasion)
Intelligence Star (Omega Fleet Command)
Kragite Order of Heroism (Insurrection Mission)
Omega Cross (SSS AlphaGold as Wingman)
Semper Fidelis Cross (SSF Command - Omega Fleet)
Preantares ribbon (SSS AlphaGold as Strategic Operations Commander)
Senior Officer Course (Academy)
Starfleet Secret Services Course (Academy)
Special Forces Course (Academy)
Operations Course (Academy)
Tactical/Security Course (Academy)
Judge Advocate General Course (Academy)
Starfleet Marines Corps Course (Academy)
Starbase Course (Academy)
Medical Course (Academy)
Science (General) Course (Academy)
Diplomacy Course (Academy)
Helm Course (Academy)
Engineering Course (Academy)
Blue Ribbon of Excellence (Academy)
Red Ribbon of Excellence (Academy)


The Lone Star (Omega Fleet Creation & SSF Creation)
The Atlas Cross for Service (SSS AlphaGold XO - Awarded by Colonel Peter Adams)
The Nova Cross for Merit
The Star Cross for Merit
The Intelligence Star (Beta Fleet Commander & SSS Director)
The Fleet Medal for Merit (Omega Fleet)
The Purple Heart (x2) (Insurrection Mission & Invasion of Neutral Zone mission)
The Bronze Star for Valor (Insurrection Mission)
The Bronze Medal for Service (SSS AlphaGold & SSS Director)
The 10 Years Anniversary Medal (UCIP in General)
The Command Course, Gold (Academy)
The Superior Academic Performance (Academy)

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