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Fleet Admiral Kerry Malone

Name Kerry Malone

Position Commander in Chief of Starfleet

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 135 Ibs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Personality & Traits

Personal History Kerry was born into a family of loving parents. His father, a desk bound Admiral, was able to spend time with Kerry and Christine, Kerry's sister.

When old enough, both he and his sister joined the academy, and graduated. Christine going on to become a Science Officer and Kerry a Pilot.

He served on the USS Lexington for his cadet cruise, and earned his Second Lieutenant bars. He later went on to become a flight leader and promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant.

He joined Aurora to head up the newly formed Squadron, which he affectionately named "The Angels". His rank was converted to a naval commission, making him a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Shortly after joining Aurora, his squadron was involved in a skirmish with unknown alien forces, he was subsequently captured along with his wingman, and girlfriend, Ltjg Catrel Narvel. Both were interrogated and tortured, but through a stroke of luck, both escaped, and fled to the hangerbay.

However, in the firefight that ensued on the deck, Kerry was shot badly, so Catrel was forced to carry her wounded lover to a fighter and fly them back to Aurora..

The race was discovered to be the Sycoblasts, a warlike race, whose sole intention was to invade other worlds and strip them of resources and forcing the inhabitants into slavery. They invaded and assumed control over much of SB Aurora. Kerry and the remaining fighters valiantly defended the station, and removed the fighter threat, to allow Epsilon Fleet to stage a dramatic rescue of the station.

Kerry met with Captain Stirling, (CO of Aurora) who gave him authorisation to carry out Operation "Stinger", the assault on the Sycoblast capital ship. The attack went as planned, and resulted in the capture of the Sycoblast Queen, who was later interrogated by Aurora's crew, and sued for peace as a result.
Kerry learnt of Commodore McElester's (then Epsilon Fleet Deputy Commander) actions to remove Captain Stirling from command, by way of an illegal mind-invasion by the station's counselor, Cadet Draken. Kerry went up against the Commodore, and using his JAG training, he managed to overrule McElester's decision to remove Captain Stirling from command, as the evidence obtained to do so, was unlawful, and therefore could not be admitted as circumstance.

Kerry visted his love, Catrel, in sickbay to discover she no longer wished to fly. With this in mind, he met with Captain Stirling, on her request, and she offered him the position of Executive Officer, since Commander Donzall was no longer fit for active service, due to an injury sustained during combat with the Sycoblasts. Kerry accepted the post, as he assumed it would be good for both Aurora to have an XO from the ranks, and for him and Catrel, as neither would fly again. Upon his acceptance as XO, he was promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant, and issued with his red uniform.

During shore-leave, Kerry and Capt. Stirling organised an award ceremony for the crew, where he was suprised by being promoted to Acting Lieutenant Commander. He recieved the Pallas Medal, Citation for Gallentry and the Omega Cross, for his actions during the Sycoblast invasion.

Whilst on leave on Xonnel, which was imposed upon the crew of Aurora while the new station was being built, a group of Ferengi saboutaged the weather system, throwing the crew on the forefront of a storm that threatened to destroy the colony.
Kerry took charge from the Operations building, and led Xonnel and Aurora's crew during a crisis that look set to kill all on the planet. With planning and careful control, Kerry and the crew of both Aurora and Xonnel found the saboteur's, and reset the weather system, thus preventing a disaster.

After the incident, Kerry proposed to his long term girlfriend, Catrel Narvel. She accepted gladly. Kerry was promoted to full Lieutenant Commander for his actions on Xonnel.

Kerry moved into his new role as XO of Aurora well, and soon had to take complete control of her after Commodore Stirling fell ill. This was a difficult time for Aurora, but somehow, Kerry kept everything under control.

Catrel meanwhile, had crashed on an alien planet, and Kerry fretted for her life. So much so, that he neglected his duty, and stole a fighter. However, whilst engaged on his rescue mission, Kerry vanished.

A week later, Kerry turned up at Aurora, disorientated by his experience and resigned as Executive Officer. He requested to stay on Aurora, but as her Wing Commander instead.

After a brief spell as Aurora's Wing Commander, he was offered a post as Xonnel's Wing Commander, a post that Kerry soon accepted, hoping to settle down with Catrel, and live with calm planetary life.

However, Kerry soon tired of planetary life, and yearned for action on a starship. He filed transfer request after transfer request, but in the end, he accepted the place that had been offered to him aboard the USS-Anderson-A, as Chief Security Officer. Even if it was in an Acting Capasity, he accepted it readily, and shipped out.

Having served on Anderson for a short period, he found himself offered a lucrative assignment, aboard the USS Intrepid... as her Acting Commanding Officer. Naturally, this was too good an offer for Kerry to turn down, so he accepted, and was promoted to Commander on his acceptance, ready to assume command.
Shortly after assuming command of the USS Intrepid, RAdm Grayson informed Kerry that the Intrepid would be the fleet's flagship, and that Kerry would be granted the role of a Deputy Commander in the Fleet. Kerry naturally accepted this high honour.

On Stardate 240504.21, Commander Kerry Malone was confirmed as the Commanding Officer of the USS Intrepid, and promoted to Acting Captain.

The Intrepid was taken by pirates, who called themselves "The Vanguard." However, Kerry and the crew refused to be subjected, and fought valliently against the invaders, in the end, bringing about the recapture of the Intrepid. With the pirate's in custody, they headed back to Starbase 22, but were then ordered to relinquish the prisoners to another starship.

Whilst in dock, Kerry received news that Catrel has gone MIA. The news devastates him, and he locks himself away in his quarters for days. During the night, he receives a dreamscape vision, where Catrel tells him to give up looking for her. She is in another reality, one of incredible torture and pain, but she cannot be reached. She bids him farewell, and closes the link... forever.

Even whilst he was depressed by the loss of his wife, he put on a brave face, and was summoned to Grayson's office, where he was presented the Star Cross for Merit, for his actions during the pirate encounter.

The Intrepid was then ordered to find a missing transport ship, the Bozeman. During their investigation, they discover that the vessel was sucked into a vortex. After much debate, Kerry decides to send the Intrepid through the vortex, after the ship. This reeked havoc throughout the ship, causing serious system damage, which resulted in a coolant plasma leak in Engineering. Kerry dashed down to engineering, and pulled two trapped engineers out from the plasma, and also vents the toxic cloud from the ship, before succumbing to the gas and collapsing.
Later, the away team travelled down to the Bozeman, which had crashed into the planet inside this vortex, and as the team tried to find the crew of the ship, they discover a spider like lifeform, who have mummified the Bozeman crew. After a lot of firefighting, the team save the crew, and get out of the Vortex.
Enroute to SB22, Kerry is informed that his ship won't be getting the much needed shore-leave, but rather being sent straight out to protect a convoy of ships, sending dirt to a colony. Kerry was presented with the Bronze Star for Valour, for his actions in saving life in engineering. So, they return to SB22, effect repairs, resupply, then head straight out.

On Stardate 240510.05, Kerry was promoted to full Captain, for his steadfast duty to Starfleet, by Commodore Delacroix.
Whilst on the convoy, they recieved an urgent hail from Beta Command, instructing the Intrepid to rapidly assist the Crazy Horse, who had come under attack by the Krivaldi. The Intrepid arrived and after a small amount of chit-chat, was thrown into combat against the Crazy Horse, under the control of the Krivaldi.

Thankfully, the Intrepid won, and she was reclaimed for the Federation. Capt. Ariela and her crew who had been captured were rescued and command was eventually returned back to Capt. Ariela. The Intrepid then headed back to SB22.

Once there, they recieved orders to head to Noriea and find out what happened to a missing survey team. However, their arrival sparks a 'god' effect as they can be seen from space. Kerry orders an away team to go down, in cognito, to find the survey team.

Things go bad on this mission, and Ltjg. Bell is consumed by a monster on the planets surface. Things get worse as Ens. Rei punches Lt. Rover and Dawnson sends them and Lt. Knowles back to the ship, only to later be captured by the Norieans.
Kerry sends out assault teams to reclaim the teams by force, but not before they experiment on his crew. He later discovers that the Survey team died as a result of experimentation. Kerry eventually makes peace with the Norieans', and they sue for Federation Membership.

The Intrepid returns to SB22 for a long awaited shore leave, to once again be cut short by VAdm Fox's orders for the ship to head up Task Force Red Phoenix, and rush to the defence of Versailles.

They rendevous with the USS Cerberus and USS Resolution en-route to Versailles, and then warp straight into the fray, where Kerry leads the Task Force in a valliant defence of the station, inflicting heavy losses on the Vanguard fleet engaged in assault operations against Versailles.

However, the advantage was not held for long, as the USS Dirae, under the command of Vice Admiral Morganna Kanryth, warps into the system. She has been fed false information to make her believe that Vanguard are friend, and Kerry's forces are foe, and that Kerry himself is a wanted felon. Battle ensues and the Prometheus X Class starship, in MVAM mode is outclassed and outgunned by the larger Magellan class starship, and Vector 1 is destroyed, thankfully, most hands were able to escape.

Vector 3, under the command of Commander Ortega also meets with a similar fate when Versailles explodes due to explosives planeted aboard her. The remaining crew limp home to SB22 on Vector 2. Kerry knows that Intrepid C is finished, as there isn't much left of her.

Sure enough, once they return, Kerry is informed of Admiral Fox's decision to decommission what's left of the Intrepid C, and instead grant Kerry command of the new Sovereign class, Intrepid D, under orders to seek out and capture Vanguard sympathisers. Kerry however, makes it a mission to get the Dirae, by any means at his disposal.

For his courage during the defence of SB Versailles, Captain Kerry Malone was presented the Silver Star for Valour.
On Stardate 240612.04, Kerry was promoted to the rank of Commodore, and assigned command of task force phoenix to deal with the rising Krivaldi threat in the Yamembi system. His taskforce engaged an overwhelming force of Krivaldi capital ships, and after a fierce and bloody battle, won through to absolute victory.

After returning to Starbase 22 for repairs, Malone was awarded the Tobruk Medal of Honor for his actions at Yamembi. He and his crew enjoyed a brief R&R period, where Malone became romantically involved with Asil Chaye, his chief medical officer. Determined not to make the same mistakes as before, he took the relationship slowly.

Whilst in space-dock, Commander Kestral is abducted from the ship and a search is mounted by the Intrepid to find the people who did it. It doesn't take long, and after the Vanguard ship deploys its escape pods, they eventually locate the one containing Kestral, or is it?

The Intrepid was assigned to investigate mysterious transmissions coming from a planet called Columbria. Despite trying to covertly monitor this considered pre-warp world, a ship is launched from their planet, that clearly has warp capabilities, and Kerry holds talks with the crew of this ship. Later, they hold a first contact diplomatic function, much to Kerry's annoyance and insistence that this not happen. The function seems to go well, until too much alcohol and tampering by Kestral lead to a diplomatic disaster. Kerry is recalled to SB22 to answer for it.
Meanwhile, Kestral, who is really a mirror universe duplicate of Kerry's long suffering XO, steal his ship, and goes missing with it. Kerry goes after her, after he is cleared by a tribunal on the diplomatic incident, but is recalled when the ship turns up later.

Whilst on Starbase 22, Malone is informed that he'll be transferred off the Intrepid and to Home Fleet to be Head of Aerospace Operations for the Alpha Quadrant. Naturally, he isn't happy about this development, something he tries to hide from Vice Admiral Acheson, who officially informs him of the transfer, as well as does the unexpected, and promotes him to Rear Admiral on SD 240712.10.

Kerry meets up with Asil Chaye on Starbase 22, after her brief assignment to Regulus Medical Facilities, and asks her to come with him as his chief of staff. She is reluctant at first, but when Kerry proposes, she accepts willingly. On SB1, on SD 240712.16, Kerry Malone and Asil Chaye marry in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends.

Now aboard his new command, the USS Defiance, with the Ticonderoga Battle Group, Kerry is forced to assist in the defense of Eden Fleet Yards as the Breen drop out of warp and ambush the Home Fleet HQ in a suprise attack. Despite commanding with effectiveness at the beginning, Kerry is severely injured whilst moving into central operations, and is rushed to sickbay.

Once there, suffering from severe burns to his head and arms, Kerry lapses in and out of death as doctors try to save him. He drifts into a dream-realm where he meets Asil, who unknown to him, has also been severely injured in the attack. The two fight to keep the other alive in their dream-scape, thus saving the other far more than any doctor.

Kerry fights doctors off to try and stay by his wifes side in the recovery ward, so that she knows he's there with him, when it is discovered by Doctor Vaughn that he actually has a burst spleen, and is operated on soon after.

Shortly there after, Malone is transferred to Beta Fleet, away from the Defiance and the Tico Battle Group, to head up the Tiger Claw Battle Group along the Krivaldi Border. Deciding that it would be unwise to take pregnant Asil with him, Kerry leaves her on Earth with his father.

Shortly after assuming the position, he liberates Starbase 369 from the besieging Dominion forces, and relieves Commodore Thompson and the Vindicator from their duties there.
Service Record Starbase Aurora
- Squadron Commander
- Executive Officer
- Wing Commander

Xonnel Colony
- Wing Commander

USS Anderson-A
- Acting Chief of Security

USS Intrepid
- Acting Commanding Officer
- Commanding Officer

Beta Fleet
- Deputy Fleet Commander
- Fleet Commander
- Head of Fleet Operations
- Head of Aerospace Operations

Home Fleet
- Head of Aerospace Operations

USS Defiance
- Commanding Officer
- Task Force Commander

USS Chimera
- Commanding Officer

Starfleet Command
- Acting Commander, Starfleet

Starfleet Academy
- Commandant of the Academy

Alpha Fleet
- Naval Forces Commander

Starfleet Command
- Commander, Starfleet (Present)