Uss Vindicator

Lieutenant Commander Mark Dexter

Name Mark Dexter

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 220
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Mark is tall, well muscled and usually meticulously groomed. He rarely allows any body hair to grow, and wears his Starfleet Uniform like a poster boy for Abercrombie and Fitch.


Spouse Adam Chase
Father Gregory Dexter
Mother Rachel Dexter

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mark is all business on duty. What might come off as cold and unfriendly is simply a deep commitment to his work. He is slow to trust others, and keeps his private life just that, private. His husband and a few close friends get to see a very different side of him however. Off duty and relaxed Mark enjoys life with an almost child like abandon, but life in Starfleet is rarely off duty or relaxed.

Long years in Intel have left him with the gate of an ancient ninja, Mark rarely goes noticed if he doesn't want to be noticed. Most days however he is hard to miss. At 6'4" and 220 he can be an intimidating figure. A deep voice and a vague aroma of sandalwood are often the first impression.

Mark's history in Intel and his eidetic memory often cause him personal problems. Sometimes the several channels his brain can process at once won't shut down, leaving him anxious and edgy. Heavy exercise helps, and Mark is often in the gym. He is a professional level boxer, preferring the 'hit hard' method of self defense and combat.

Mark is first and foremost a Cryptologist and Linguist. His ability to not only code but to codebreak even organic codes is a rarity. He also picks up languages extremely fast, often catching nuances the universal translator simply can't. He speaks all the major languages within Starfleet, and plenty of minor ones as well.

Mark's training in Intel has left him very capable. He can fight off truth inducing drugs and even sedatives. He can override his bodies natural defenses, from sleep to food and water. However this leaves him vulnerable when he does need medical care, as he will more than likely ignore whatever is ailing him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Eidetic Memory
+ Cryptology/Linguistics

- Fear of sickbay and doctors
- Stubborn, to a fault at times
Ambitions To retire to a resort planet. At first the goal was by 40, but as 40 quickly approaches, the future ambition keeps getting pushed forward. Whether an actual Ambition or fantastical thinking, even Mark's not sure.
Hobbies & Interests Mark's main hobby is listening to subspace chatter. It's not so much a hobby as work, but it's often the only thing that will calm his brain down enough to relax.

Mark enjoys music and dancing. He can usually be coerced to hit the dance floor, especially if the music has a good beat.

Mark will swim laps when he needs to think on a personal matter, and sometimes he'll even swim just for the exercise.

Mark seems to have the labido of a 15 year old boy. He definitely does not like to spend the night away from his husband, as that physical release helps keep Mark focussed and centered.

Personal History Born on Alpha Centauri to 2 doctors who failed to manage basic birth control. He was taken care of by nannies and boarding schools. This offered him an excellent education, but not a nurturing environment. Mark has not so much as met his parents. Mark had few friends growing up, and most of those were fair weather friends. He learned very young that you took care of yourself.

Mark's eidetic memory became clear very early. Not only did he have an eidetic memory, but both on a visual and auditory stage, even both at the same time. This caught the attention of Starfleet Intel, as the boy was showing great skills in math and linguistics well before puberty. By 15 he had finished the equivalent of high school. Starfleet Academy accepted him three years early, and Section 31 snatched him up before he could unpack his duffle bag. He went through normal Starfleet Classes while being trained by the less than above the boards group within Starfleet Intelligence.

The up and coming intelligence hot shot was put through his paces, spending months at a time in deep cover. At the age of 24 one assignment went horribly wonky, leaving Mark in the hands of some very angry Romulans. He was captured, tortured, and put through the horrors of the mind sifter. There is a several hour gap in his otherwise flawless memory. After three weeks he was finally rescued, dusted off, and put back to work. The incident undocumented, except in Mark's mind. Whether or not he provided the Romulans anything useful still a mystery.

Mark returned to his assignments, though with a more serious and mature outlook. At 34 Mark was placed undercover with a medium scale pirate operation that was harassing trade routes, ticking off Ferengi, Bajoran, and Starfleet alike.
Within 18 months Mark had worked his way to the top, finally meeting the head of the surprisingly organized group. Mark had met his achilles heel. Bo was 6 foot 6 and charismatic, Mark fell like a love sick puppy. His reports were late, then later, then all together absent as Mark was slowly pulled into the opulent life style Bo was lavishing on him. Things came to a head as the pirate group planned more than petty theft. Mark was yanked out of the assignment, quite literally dragged off Deep Space 5. He was given the boot from Starfleet Intel, and given a time out to the USS Ronin.

The ship everyone thought was a joke turned out to be nothing of the sort. Captain Shala Natai was a headstrong Cardassian who took no flack from anybody. Not even X Intel Officers with broken hearts. The two formed an odd and co -dependent friendship. Loving each other without it being romantic. Mark met Adam, and the two slowly healed each others broken hearts. After two years of dancing around each other, they finally married.
Service Record Starfleet Intelligence

USS Ronin - Chief Communications Offcer