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Lieutenant Carrie Rofer

Name Carrie J. Rofer M.D., Ph.D.

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 130 lb
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Brown


Father Dr. Bradley Rofer
Mother Professor Shelly Ernstadt-Rofer
Brother(s) William Rofer (26)

Personality & Traits

Personal History Carrie has started college at age 11 and finished a Ph.D in Medicine and Exobiology by the age of 14. Because of her young age, she wasn't allowed to practice the full training of her medical degree and spent two years working as support medical staff in the field hospital in DS10. At age 16, she continued her medical training with a concentration on emergency trauma surgery.
She joined Starfleet at 21.
Service Record Age 14: Ph.D in Medicine and Exobiology; Civilian medical support staff at DS10
Age 16: Surgical Intern in the DS10 field hospital
Age 17: Surgical Resident
Age 19: Surgical Fellow, Department of Surgery, Earth Spacedock; Occasional excursions to the demilitarized zone as a field surgeon.
Age 21: Surgical Attending, Department of Surgery, Earth Spacedock
Age 22: Joined Starfleet, rushed Medical Officer track
Age 23: Graduated Starfleet academy, Lieutenant; Chief Medical Officer, USS Vindicator