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Lieutenant Commander Ka’lek/Mark Barnes

Name Ka’lek/Mark Barnes

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Tok’ra
Age 120

Physical Appearance

Height 5’5
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ka’lek/Mark is a stocky bald black male, he has a serious face, but considered extremely handsome. He has mystic brown eyes, that has a golden ring in them that seem to capture the universe. His voice changes when Ka’lek needs to speak, Ka’lek is symbiote that has joined with Mark. There is a scar in the back of his neck of where Ka’lek entered Mark. Together they 5 times stronger that the average man, and because of his symbiote Mark has a natural scent that is pleasant to the nose.


Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Because he has a symbiote Mark is able to learn this twice as fast as your average man, which also because of his age makes him a little arrogant. He does socialize with people, but is reluctant to start relationships. He is known to be a charming man at times, and loves the opposite sex. He rarely gets mad, but has a strong sense of family and duty. He longs to be able to find a person that can truly understand him.

Strengths & Weaknesses Ka’lek’s Strengths are that he is able to heal his body twice as fast as the average person, as well as he has the strength of 5 men. He can multitask with the efficiency of 2 men. He is logical. Ka’lek before found was an engineer that worked on Naquadhah fused propulsion engines. Hand to hand combat.

Ka’lek’s Weakness is that he doesn’t volunteer information, and never trusts people until he gets to know you. He is known to be a ladies man because of his mysterious ways and age.
Ambitions To try to get back to his timeline and universe.
Hobbies & Interests Ka’lek’s hobbies include playing the trumpet, cooking, meditating, martial arts.

Personal History Ka’lek (the name he chooses even through there are two sentient beings together) was found in an alternate universe by the Starship Discovery in the late 24th century in the pegasus galaxy, Ka’lek/Mark was in stasis in a lost sector of Atlantis. He is one of three survivors, and not much is known as the records were destroyed, and Tok’ras are not known to give information easily.
Ka’lek was a combat engineer that was working on a top secret project using Naquadah fusion.

Sector 31 deemed other material with him classified under Temporal Prime Directive.