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Lieutenant JG Natalie Kane

Name Natalie Kane

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 137 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Nat is average in height for a human female, with a body type that blends sturdy and athletic. She knows that to do her job right, she has to keep in shape and stay strong. That’s the story that her body tells. Meanwhile, her face tells a slightly more impish story, with a mouth that goes from mischievous smirk to million-watt smile in an instant. Her hazel eyes never seem to stop glinting in the light, and she keeps her red hair long but always tightly braided back while on duty.


Spouse Lieutenant Terrence Alton, Husband & Willow Morrison, Wife/Co-Spouse
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Natalie is a mixed bag. When on duty, she is focused and stalwart. She knows her duty and she is bound to do it. However, for a security officer, she can sometimes have a slightly…”the law is subjective” kind of attitude. Off duty, she can break loose with the best of them. She likes to go out drinking and gambling, and will rarely turn down some sort of adventure.

In her personal life, she is somewhat...unconventional. She enjoys a less-than-common life, and makes no apologies for anything she’s chosen to do.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is strong-willed and tough, can think quick on her feet and adheres to a strict sense of loyalty and duty. On the lesser side, she can be a little in the “grey” about legal moralities, stubborn, and sometimes prone to impulse.
Ambitions Her ambitions tend to be limited. She hopes to progress through the ranks and one day be a chief of security, preferable on a ship because she likes to be on the move. In life, she just wants to be happy and make those she loves best happy.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys playing poker, and pool. She is also an amateur magician with card tricks, although nothing else.

She enjoys maintaining physical fitness, working out and rock climbing. She is also interested in ancient Earth weaponry, so will train with swords and daggers. (She would carry a sword on duty if they’d let her.)

She loves animals, cat especially, but knows that her life is not suited to a pet so she has held off on getting one. Her wife, however, has two cats that she is thrilled to see whenever she’s able to get back to see her.

Personal History Natalie doesn’t really know anything about herself, not really, not back at the origins. She knows she was born, and somehow, she ended up at the orphanage on the colony on Ilian IV. She was given the name Natalie Kane by the people who ran the place. Medical scans showed that her parents were not in any database with DNA, and that she was human.

Life in the orphanage wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. At the age of eleven, she ran away and began to make a living through pickpocketing and common thievery. By fourteen, she had moved up to con games and hustling. She learned she had a quick mind and quicker hands, and she put them to use.

When she was newly turned sixteen, she conned her way onto a transport and ended up at Earth Spacedock. A big new fertile ground to practice her craft.

Things...didn’t go like she expected.

Roughly two weeks into her games, she made the mistake of trying something on an empathic man. She normally could get hints when someone was empathic or telepathic and thus avoid them, but not this one. She was caught, however, he turned out to be a Starfleet security officer who didn’t arrest her right away. He talked to her, and sensed things about her.

He thought she had potential, so he offered her a choice: be arrested, or join Starfleet Academy.

She chose the Academy.

Natalie found that academic life wasn’t for her, but she knew that if she left, it would likely be a trip to prison for her. She stuck it out. After about a year and a half, she had a turning point and discovered that maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. She started applying herself, and getting into trouble less.

Halfway into her academic career, the Federation was rocked by a civil war. Class upon class was graduated early, and Nat wondered when hers would be called up. They weren’t called up in advance, however, and she graduated on time. She knew that she was about to be dispatched to a post during wartime, but she was ready.

She had a duty, and she would do it.

Natalie served with distinction, progressing through ranks and positions. She lost crewmates and friends during the war, but she survived it to the end. Her reward was the blossoming of her personal life in 2415.

Now at the rank of Junior Lieutenant, she looks forward to her new post and the next steps of her life.
Service Record Born in 2391
Entered Academy in 2407
Graduated in 2411
Served on USS Calhoun from 2411 to 2412
Promoted to Ensign in 2412
Served on Starbase Zenith from 2412 to 2413
Served on USS Macintosh from 2413 to 2415
Promoted to LtJG in 2415
Served on USS Horizon from 2415 to 2417
Transferred to USS Vindicator in 2417