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Lieutenant JG Cydwenn Sov

Name Cydwenn Sov

Position Counselor's Aide

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Hermaphrodite
Species 1/2 Ba'ku 1/2 Son'a hybrid
Age 19 (239808.06 DOB)

Physical Appearance

Height 158cm (5’2”)
Weight 47kg (105lbs)
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Cydwenn’s alabaster tone creates this creamy white that hints at innocence; which in some cases were true, the skin also exudes a slight glow, as if she is somehow illuminated from the inside.

Her ice blue eyes pop even more in contracts to her alabaster skin and to tie everything together is her shoulder length raven black hair.

Cydwenn is quite short standing at 5’2” and average weight for her height well toned from pilates workouts with some light weight lifting.


Father Haro (divorced/Son'a)
Mother Mara Sov (divorced/Ba'ku), Merse Dechambou (step-mohter/Human)
Brother(s) Jon Lal (half-brother 1/2 S'ona 1/2 Human hybrid)
Sister(s) Tesleyal Sov
Invidia (half-sister 1/2 S'ona 1/2 Human hybrid)
Other Family Uldren Sov - Uncle (Mara's brother/Ba'ku)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cydwenn is friendly always smiling and willing to help wherever she can but she can also be a bit of an introvert where all she wants is to hide under her covers after her shift.

Her biology also has something to do with her being slightly introverted. The fear of someone finding out about her biology; especially the opposite sex, has also hindered potential romantic relationships.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cydwenn’s primary strength is her organizational skills and willingness to expand her knowledge base.

Weaknesses are mainly her slight tendencies to be a introvert from being overwhelmed with work or social interactions or just from her not wanting people to find out about her physiology.
Ambitions As daunting as it sounds to take the officer test and become an actual counselor
Hobbies & Interests Art both modern and classic

Personal History rowing up on Ba’ku was odd they were apart of the Federation but still stuck with the low tech life. But for Cydwenn wasn’t all that weird or frustrating as it was with other Ba’ku who wanted to bring tech back into their daily lives. Few months after Cydwenn was born the doctors informed her parents that Cydwenn’s physiology is different in that she was born with both male and female sex organs.

Her parents decided that sh/e was born this way sh/e didn’t need any modifications and that decision was fine until sh/e hit puberty. Cydwenn struggled understanding why sh/e was different and also why her/him parents struggled to explain to her/him why sh/e is different then the rest of the children and why sh/e couldn’t be like the rest of them.

As sh/e grew older they continued to ask questions about her/his body so her/his parents took her/his to a counselor who helped or at least tried and help them understand what was happening and what was gonna happen. As Cydwenn continued to go through puberty sh/e spent more and more time in the library or at the community center reading and learning.

Cydwenn did this all through her primary school years until she arrived at graduation where she decided that staying on Ba’ku wasn’t for her; this is also when she decided that even though she had both sexual organs that she was a female a women whether or not that was on any legal forms, so she decided that the academy was the place to go.

After some preliminary tests she set on a course for administration yeoman/aide positions in really any department but she decided to follow the psycho-therapy route as a counselor’s aide. Part of the reason was how the counselor she saw as a child and how it helped her get through a difficult period of her life. After completing her courses and graduating she was assigned to the USS Vindicator as a crewmen.