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Lieutenant JG Ivan Petrov

Name Ivan Petrov

Position Acting Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ivan is a large man of medium height. He rarely smiles, and is rather gruff looking, with a large nose and small ears. He also has a scar across his left cheek where he was bitten at a young age. For reasons unknown the wound never healed on its own, and he chooses not to get it seen to by Doctors, as he feels it is a battle scar.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dimitri Petrov
Mother Anastasiya Petrov
Brother(s) Alexei Petrov (21)
Andrei Petrov (19)
Vladimir Petrov (13)
Sister(s) Dina Petrov (25)
Vasilisa Petrov (16)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ivan is one of those strong silent types. Not one to speak much or saying more than what is needed. He is known to have quite a temper, however he is having help to control this temper. He cares deeply for those in his family and his close friends. Ivan has seen alot in his times aboard starfleet vessels, and because of this, he struggles to get close to people.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ivan is a very strict leader, pointing out any errors made by his staff, not to be mean, but to help them iron out those errors, so that they may one day progress to higher ranks and positions. He also holds his friends very close, and while he may not have many, those who are his friends have proven themselves to him time and time again. These are both Strengths and Weaknesses, as those under Ivan feel that he is being to harsh on them, and many who try to get into his tight knit group of friends are sometimes put off by how hard it is to become friends with him.
Ambitions Ivan has many ambitions, a few of which are to become a Department Head, and maybe even one day, have his own Starship to command. Both of these things may be a while in the pipeline, but are good ambitions to have.
Hobbies & Interests Ivan enjoys spending his down time practicing his shooting in the holodeck with a selection of weapons. He also enjoys reading, and singing, as well as listening to Heavy Metal Rock Music. He is not a massive fan of Movies, however he has a small selection of movies, including Harry Potter, and The Cornetto Trilogy. Ivan is also known for taking things apart and putting them back together again.

Personal History Ivan decided to join Starfleet Academy at the age of 18, after 2 years as a mechanics apprentice. He had quite enjoyed his time as an apprentice, and decided that he'd take courses in Engineering. He passed these courses with flying colours, and decided to stay on and take further courses in advanced Engineering, and Emergency Medicine. Upon passing both of these, he started to look for a starship to join.

The first ship he found work upon was a small Escort Vessel, the USS Fredrickson. It was a Defiant class vessel, which suited him well, due to the small amount of crew it required to run, holding 40 crew members. Aboard this ship he served with 2 other Engineers, who he got to know very well, and considered both close friends. After nearly 2 years of serving with this crew, they ran into a large group of Romulan Vessels, which took out their engines to prevent them escaping. Knowing full well that they were outnumbered, Ivan and his 2 fellow engineers worked tirelessly to repair the engines, but ultimately, they did not have enough time and the Captain gave the order to abandon ship. Throughout this time the Romulans had been relentlessly hammering the ship with Disruptor fire, and the vessel was badly damaged. Ivan and his colleagues were 3 of the last people heading off the ship, when they came across an injured crew member. Ivan kept running for the escape pods, not realising that his colleagues had stopped to help the other crew member. Ultimately this cost the 2 Engineers their lives, as the Romulans kept firing, causing a chain reaction of explosions which killed them both. Ivan made it to the escape pod, realising his 2 friends were not with him, and tried to go back, but was stopped by the Chief of Security.

Eventually the escape pods were recovered by the USS Infinity, a Galaxy Class Cruiser, and the remaining members of the crew, half of the total complement, were bought back to Starbase 190. On arrival here, Ivan spent most of his time alone in his assigned quarters, grieving over the loss of his friends. After 2 weeks aboard the station he was assigned to the Engineering Department, where he worked as an Engineer. After 3 years in this position he was promoted to Assistant Engineer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

After another 3 years aboard Starbase 190, Ivan decided he wanted to return to a starship again. He put in his application to Starfleet, and was assigned to the USS Vindicator as Assistant Chief Engineer. Here he will start his new journey with their crew.
Service Record 2405-2409 - Starfleet Academy
2409-2411 - USS Fredrickson, Ensign, Engineer (Destroyed 2411, 20 Hands lost, 20 recovered by USS Infinity)
2411-2414 - Starbase 190, Ensign, Engineer
2414 - 2417 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Assigned to Starbase 190 Assistant Chief Engineer
2417-Current - USS Vindicator, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Engineer