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Captain Vokar

Name Vokar

Position Vanguard Commander

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 168lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue with a Violet dash in the left
Physical Description Heavily scarred, left side of the face is pitted with scars from a console explosion, right side has a scarred over cut across the eye, right eye is milky white and normally covered by an eye patch unless he wishes to appear more intimidating.

Shirtless, Vokar has a major scar and a chunk missing from his left shoulder, his chest and stomach are a patchwork of scars from being attacked by a large feline creature.

When he walks, he has a pronounced limp favouring the left leg, the right knee has a scar from damage taken during a battle.


Spouse Akida Rose Jackson
Children Twins, boy and a girl.
Father Kintel
Mother T'Pera
Sister(s) T'Asir

Personality & Traits

Personal History Born to Kintel, a Diplomat on Vulcan, and T'Pera on Stardate 238405.28, his younger years were that of a typical Vulcan child, bought up surrounded in logic, the young Vokar chose a very different path than his father would have expected, and one that seemed illogical to all apart from Vokar himself, he chose the path of a security officer in starfleet.

After leaving Starfleet Academy, the Vulcan's first posting was his cadet cruise on the USS Vindicator, far from being routine, the young Vulcan was thrust into situations he had not expected and distinguished himself as a loyal and dedicated security officer.

With his cadet cruise finished, Vokar was promoted twice, once in rank and once in position, now, as Chief Tactical Officer, Vokar had to learn a whole new set of skills as the Vindicator carried out it's missions, this was to be a valuable learning experience and the Vulcan took to it like a fish in water, absorbing as much information and training as the database on the Vindicator could provide, he continued training in the holodeck.

Shortly afterwards, the Vulcan was again promoted twice, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Senior Grade and being made Chief of Tactical and Security onboard the Vindicator, with additional duties, the Vulcan found himself back on familiar ground within the Security department and again distinguished himself as a dedicated officer, sacrificing himself for the safety of his fellow officers and earning him more than a few scars, the worst of which came from protecting Auryn Bishop from wild animals while on an away mission, an act which would lead to the two becoming friends, long before they took command of the Vindicator together.

The battle of Starbase 369, Vokar again proved himself as a warrior and as an officer, marshalling the Marines and Security detachments of the Vindicator into an effective fighting force, the crew retook and held the station until reinforcements could arrive, Vokar was again injured during this mission and recieved field treatment by a combat medic so he could continue fighting the Krivaldi.

Not all of Vokar's scars are physical though, the young Vulcan has often found his mental strength tested and has been known to be... emotional, for a Vulcan this is rare and is often looked down upon, but Vokar considers this a strength and puts it to use in his training.

His strength was pushed to breaking point when on the bridge, one of his CO's refused to retreat from a battle they were obviously going to lose, he broke when a console behind him exploded, burning the side of the Vulcan's face and severely injuring his younger sister who was serving as an assistant tactical officer, Vokar's control shifted and he threatened mutiny against the CO, shortly before weapons fire created a hull breach on the bridge and the CO was sucked out into space before the forcefields could be erected.

The years have been good to the young Vulcan, he rose to the rank of Commander, becoming Executive Officer while still serving on the Vindicator, alongside his friend Auryn, he continued to serve the ship and her crew valiantly.

Becoming the CO of the Vindicator was a different experience for Vokar, he had begun his journey on this ship, he had stayed with her through thick and thin and she had always bought her home, now it was his job to do the same.

Sadly it wasn't to be, the Vindicator was ambushed by The Vanguard and destroyed, Vokar stayed behind to buy the escape pods some time and no trace of him could be found on the ruined bridge when salvage crews returned the Vindicator to spacedock to be rebuilt.

Vokar was a "Guest" of a friendly Vanguard faction, lead by Artur Tarasov, who's ships had saved the majority of the Vindicator crew by taking on the other Vanguard faction, led by Osric Tia, the Vulcan spent quite a while with his former adversary, travelling under the radar back toward Starbase 99 "Versailles".

When Vokar finally revealed himself to Starfleet Command, he was aprehended by Starfleet Intelligence and held for questioning, for months, the Vulcan was denied contact with those he loved, his sister T'Asir, Akida his mate, his friends and family onboard the newly launched Vindicator-D.

The Vulcan was finally released from Intelligence, but with a new mission, he was assigned as an Intelligence Liason to the Vindicator, with his former rank intact.

When the USS Vindicator D was approached by a Federation ship that revealed itself to be it's replacement, Vokar was ordered by Starfleet to take command of the Vindicator D and return to Starbase 22, when he reached the starbase, the ship was renamed the USS Pendragon and Captain Vokar was named it's Commanding Officer.

While the Pendragon's first mission was relatively quiet and uneventful, they found themselves heading for the edge of space when the Federation Civil War broke out, during this time, they were contacted by the Vanguard, Artur Tarasov managed to convince his old friend Vokar to choose the best option, destroying several Federation ships that had been sent to arrest him, Vokar and the crew of the Pendragon chose to join the Vanguard and began a mission to free Vulcan from the grip of those that had chosen to oust Starfleet and expel non-humans from many major political positions.

The Vanguard and the newly christened VCD Pendragon spent the war stalking Federation space and upsetting the balance of power, they showed themselves to be superior guerrilla fighters and their last action in the war was during the Battle of Vulcan when they helped to force the surrender of a Federation Captain and his escorts when they were confronting a Starfleet and Klingon battleforce sent to free Vulcan and the other inner planets of the Federation.

Since that time, Vokar has established himself and his ship as a bastion of freedom and with the support of the Vulcan High Command, has seen the numbers of the Vanguard swell to fill many more ships and facilities, the last report of the Pendragon had them shadowing the Vindicator into Stenellian space.
Service Record SD 240709.30 - Posted Cadet, Assistant Security Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 240710.22 - Promoted to Ensign
SD 240711.27 - Promoted to Chief Security and Tactical, USS Vindicator
SD 240803.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant(Junior Grade)
SD 240805.24 - Promoted to Lieutenant
SD 240904.28 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
SD 240905.30 - Stepped down as Chief of Security/Tactical, on Extended Leave
SD 240907.18 - Returned to Active Duty, Chief of Security/Tactical, USS Vindicator
SD 240908.08 - Named Acting First Officer (OOC)
SD 240910.03 - Promoted to Executive Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 241002.02 - Promoted to Commander
SD 241003.04 - Promoted to Acting Commanding Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 241004.04 - Confirmed as Commanding Officer, USS Vindicator
SD 241010.31 - Promoted to Captain
SD 241012.22 - Listed as Killed in Action, Vindicator C destroyed by Vanguard forces.
SD 241203.12 - Released from Starfleet Intelligence, Assigned to USS Vindicator - Intelligence Liason Officer.
SD 241210.10 - Ordered to take command of the USS Vindicator D and return to Starbase 22.
SD 241210.16 - Named Commanding Officer, USS Pendragon.
SD UNKNOWN - Declared his support for the Vanguard.
SD UNKNOWN - Participated in the Battle of Vulcan, was cited for valor by the Vulcan High Command.