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Cadet Senior Grade Alinuari "Ali" Sethestr

Name Alinuari "Ali" Sethestr

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tulisian (From the planet Tuulich)
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 116
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Short with a petite build. Pale skin, small nose, wide monolid eyes with a pink facial mark. This mark is a thin line with patterned branches and breaks bordering the face from the left eyelid to the upper middle of the forehead, just left of center. The skin above the mark is translucent revealing a reflective substance beneath with an indented pattern similar to a fingerprint or iris pattern. She normally wears her long hair in a ponytail, with stylized bangs parted to show off the mark.


Father Father: Mergen Sethestr (Tailor)
Mother Mother: Saikhana Khuchtei (Architect)
Brother(s) Ketsuu Sethestr (18)
Ortholist Sethestr (Adoptive. 27)
Other Family Buteela Ochi (Sister-In-Law through Ortholist, 25)
Unet Sethestr (Niece through Ortholist, 3)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tulisians are an energetic people who value stories of adventure and valor as life's greatest pleasure. They are known to readily lie about their accomplishments. This is meant to be entertainment, rather than deception, as they are known to exchange increasingly outlandish tales attempting to top one another. Consequently, they do not usually find deception offensive, leading to the misconception that they are gullible. In reality, they're very difficult too fool, as they rarely actually believe anyone. Tuulich was part of a small planetary union which joined the Federation almost a century ago. Many Tulisians strike out on their own to create their own stories (they're always best when there's a kernel of truth). However, very few ever join Starfleet, as their individualistic culture is averse to hierarchy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ali bright, outgoing, determined to succeed, and has a strong talent for invention and innovation. Her creativity has gotten her out of many problems. She will work tirelessly on a new project.

She is also very distractible. She finds little ways to amuse herself when performing more mundane duties, and can easily get sidetracked if something more interesting comes along. She still sometimes struggles to adapt to other cultures, often forgetting to make it clear when she's exaggerating or not when talking to people. Although she follows orders and hides her feelings on the matter, she doesn't believe in some of the more limiting tenets of the Prime Directive, and questions the necessity of many regulations. This caused her a few problems at the Academy, but she's gotten better at swallowing her pride in that matter.

She is also fairly weak, having barely made it through Academy physical training. However, she compensates by keeping a couple modified gadgets handy with her at all times.
Ambitions At first she joined Starfleet Academy to become an exoarchaeologist. She wanted to be the first to study the stories of new worlds and new civilizations. After an equipment maintenance module during her first semester, she discovered a knack for altering electronics. A couple of electives later and she had switched her specialization to Engineering, and hoped to create her own story. One thought in the back of her head is too one day design starships.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, writing, acting, studying old media, drawing, designing, inventing, tinkering, archaeology, holonovels

Service Record Reprimand for vandalism of Academy property - in protest of uniform requirements -- Starfleet Academy, SD:241109.09

Report for disobeying direct order - refusing order to retreat by CO during Kobayashi Maru simulation -- Starfleet Academy, SD:241212.21

2nd Place - Starfleet Academy Invent-Athalon -- SD:241310.27

Honorable Mention for "The Red Shirts: SF Academy's Premier Musical Improv Troupe!!" - San Francisco's Got Talent Annual Award Show -- SD:241404.01