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Captain Kaleb Ch'Valenvok

Name Kaleb Rys Ch'Valenvok M.D.

Position Surgeon General of Starfleet

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian/Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10'
Weight 158
Hair Color Silver/White
Eye Color Charcoal Blue
Physical Description Lean and youthfull looking, Kaleb posseses the physical strength of his Andorian heritage while exibiting the smoother facial features of his human side. He was lucky enough to inherit his fathers blue coloring and thus escaped the ridicule of being pink skinned.


Spouse Single
Children None
Father Dr. Thrun Ch'Valenvok (Andorian), Boran Sharr (Aenar)
Mother Debora (Reed) Ch'Valenvok (Human)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaleb is often though of as shy by people who do not know him, though he does not think of himself that way. He simply does not engage in conversation if he has nothing pertinent to say. He is brilliant as a diagnostician and can hold his own in any operating theater but he is modest about his skills and does not play them up. Authority makes him uneasy and the wider the gulf the more uneasy he gets. This is the result of a rather tough childhood on Andoria and an Andorian father that he could never please.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Keen mind able to make sound decisions and diagnostic calls.
Personable with a good bedside manner.
Speaks truthfully. (Does not sugar coat things)
Weaknesses: Stubborn to a fault when he thinks he is right.
Grows uneasy around authority figures.
Speaks truthfully. (Does not sugar coat things)
Ambitions His ambitions are simple; Be the best that he can be in all things he attempts.
Hobbies & Interests His interests lie mostly in areas that effect his career. He enjoys microbiology and tinkers with tricorder scanning systems to hone their accuracy.

Personal History Kaleb was born in Starfleet Medical at San Francisco, Earth. He was one of thousands of Andorian/Human hybrids born at the tail end of the twenty-fourth century in an attempt to repopulate and strengthen the Andorian people who's numbers were in catastrophic decline due to a shrinking gene pool. Shortly after he was born, he and his parents, traveled to Andor's frozen moon where Kaleb was raised as a traditional Andorian. He was trained to be a warrior from the age of five, however, as he neared his majority he became more attuned to a scientific path and applied to Starfleet Medical as soon as he was eligible. This action created a rift between his Andorian father and himself, though he found support in his Aenar father and human mother.
Service Record 1. 240508.01 Entered Starfleet Academy.
2. 240708.01 Accepted to Starfleet Medical.
A. Majors - Xenomedicine, Stellar Cartography
B. Minors - Microbiology, Xenopathology, Astrophysics
3. 241305.30 Graduated, Summa cum laude, Starfleet Medical.
4. 241306.15 Received Orders, USS Bastion, Horizon Class Hospital Ship.
A. Duty Assignment, Junior Pathologist.
5. 241408.18 Request Submitted for departmental reclassification to Science.
6. 241408.30 Request granted for departmental reclassification, Science Corps.
7. 241408.30 Reassignment, Starbase 158, Temporary Assignment of Duty.
8. 241508.12 Reassignment, USS Vindicator NCC-78213-E
9. 241603.18 Temporary Reassignment of Duty, Cold Station Theta, Medical Department.
A. Duty Physician
10. 241608.12 Reassignment, USS Vindicator, NX-78213-F
A. Chief Medical Officer