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Ensign Amelia Diangelo

Name Amelia Charlotte, Duerre Diangelo

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5,5"
Weight 168,5 Lbs
Hair Color Brown (long)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Amelia stands at 5’5” which is average for a human of her age and weighs in at just less than 168.5lbs. She has small earrings in both ears and black fingernails. On her left hand on her pinkie she wears a very distinctive golden ring shaped like a snake curled up around her finger, on her middle finger she also wears a golden ring but this one is shaped like a signet ring and usually has her a dutch braid hairstyle with two titanium letter openers embedded as a cross where the braid starts.

There are different tattoos applied on numerous parts of her body, one on her left shoulder blade from when she had just turned 18 and had taken first place at the Academy marksmen games. It resembles a shield that has the Star Fleet logo encrusted into the center; over the shield are two standard issue Mark III Phaser rifles crossed over each other.

On the bottom of her right wrist a musical note covering up a guitar shaped birthmark. However the most prominent one is a red dragon that starts from her abdomen and reaches upwards across her chest and goes over the left side of her neck and ends on her left shoulder blade.

In terms of apparel. Besides her having to wear the uniform, Amelia commonly wears a long, silver buttoned blue coat with two separated coattails. A white, serpentine pattern runs around the collar, with a snakes head hanging over the coat's left shoulder, and its tail slinking down the right, all the way to the bottom of the coat. A gold lining runs across the edges of the coat, and a silky, golden flower blossom pattern decorates the inner lining. Each cuff of the coat also possesses five, gold buttoned straps with gold lining.

Underneath the coat, She wears a navy blue ascot wrapped around her neck, which hangs over a black, sleeveless vest that reveals her well-toned arms and shoulders. Tan finger less gloves over her hands, a brown, snakeskin belt with a silver buckle, dark green pants with a scale pattern running across its surface, and tall, brown boots with two golden buckled straps at the top.


Father Diangelo, Ron (Deceased.)
Mother Diangelo, Sarah (Mental Institution.)
Other Family Archer, James (Adoptive father.)
Scholtz-Archer, Sabine (Adoptive grandmother)
Scholtz-Archer, Sean (Adoptive grandfather)

Personality & Traits

General Overview With British English being her native language Amelia speaks with an overal British accent.

Amelia has an overall laid-back demeanor even during tense situations, cocky at times. Displays an almost fearless, disinterested attitude towards incredibly dangerous situations, Although seemingly to be uncaring or callous at times, but often does the right thing. Amelia maintains a very strong sense of justice, and prefers to fight fairly, almost never fights an opponent weaker than her. She values her adoptive family and friends very highly but not the nicknames she often receives from them. Also Amelia cares deeply for the father that she lost at a young age and sometimes struggles with the memories from that period.

In the past whenever she was nervous or when she had just told a lie the girl started biting her lips and her voice started to tremble. She has managed to overcome most of these traits by training herself and are now less prominent.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
BCQC Abilities.
Hunting/tracking Abilities.
Does what is necessary.
Loyal to those who stick by her.
Her friends & family.

Authority issues.
Hobbies & Interests Amelia shares a strange affection and interest towards stuffed animals especially brown teddy bears but whenever someone asks about Amelia locks up, telling the person to mind their own business, stuffed animals however are not the only things that interest her, several other things that interests her from a young age are music, drawing and her guilty pleasure animated tv shows.

To keep Amelia's mind occupied and her nose out of her father's business as she grew up, she had been given several musical instruments to practice on, Amelia frequently practices to much dismay of her father on the drums or bass guitar. And when Amelia doesn't practice it was either off to the gym where she was took part of a martial arts class or secretly taking apart various forms of ballistic guns.

Personal History Amelia was born in London, UK at St George's Hospital on the second day of September 2355 to Sarah and Ron Diangelo. Just 6 months after the birth of little Amelia. She, her mother and her father moved to New York because her father was offered a new and better job at the company he worked for. Once they were settled in their new house ,that looked very old on the inside with old furniture and attire, Amelia got a big pink teddy bear from her father who got it from his new boss as a congratulation for the birth of his daughter.

Two years later when her dad had taken leave to look after the little girl because her mother had a very important meeting with a few members of a club she was in. one day at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, her father was in his home office playing some games on his computer while Amelia was asleep during her afternoon naps, occasionally her father went to her room to check up on her but after a few times he didn't come any more as he got distracted too much with the games and fell asleep. The little girl who was asleep woke up from her nap and picked up her best friend the teddy bear and decided to play. The little girl managed to get out of her bed. She walked to the door of her bedroom and opened it, giggling the little girl walked through the hallway with her teddy under her arms past her father’s office. Her father who worked so hard for his family only to receive a small paycheck had been exhausted. He was so deeply asleep that he never heard the little girl giggle.

Amelia made her way to the living room where her toy’s were and candles burning on the coffee table because her mother thought is would create a better mood in the room. Amelia picked up a ball from her toys and started to roll and throw it. The little girl played and stayed away from the table but then she threw the ball the wrong way and knocked over the candles. One of the candles went out the other fell and kept burning. It lit the couch and after a few moments the couch was in flames. The little girl looked at the dancing flames while they spread to the wall and curtains. As curios as she was she moved closer and got burned, she screamed her lungs out waking her father who came running into the room. There he saw the flames and his little girl who had second and first degree burns on her left cheek, right index finger and knuckles.

Her father reacted immediately and picked up the crying little girl and her teddy, he ran out of the house with her in his arms. Her father handed little Amelia over to the caring hands of their neighbors and he returned to the house to save a few precious heirlooms but... he didn't return.

When the fire was finally extinguished the fireman had reported to the family that they had found the body of Ron Diangelo laying just besides the opened family-safe with a photo album of his little girl under his arm. Apparently the man had choked on the toxic fumes released by the fire.

When her mother heard about the fire, Amelia’s life took a turn for the worse. Her mother found out that the house burned down because of a few unattended candles she felt guilty as she had told her husband place the candles on the table because it looked better that way. But instead of Sarah blaming herself, Sarah had the unfortunate habit of blaming someone else every time something happened, and being constantly reminded of her mistake when she looked at Amelia and missed her beloved husband. The little girl fell victim to her mother's unfortunate bad habit. Whenever Amelia did something funny or had achieved something her mother would either ignore or yell at her saying that the girl should try harder.

Things got from bad to worse, on a sunny Saturday Amelia and her mother were visiting a close friend who lived just a few blocks away from their new house. It all seemed to go well, the two ladies were chatting and Amelia was playing with her toys that she had brought along. Little Amelia started to yell and scream and started to run around for fun. She unknowingly disturbed the two women’s little chat which angered her mother. Sarah got up and ran towards Amelia to punish her. Once Sarah had Amelia, the girl started to cry because her mother was yelling at the girl and pinching her arm. When Amelia didn't stop crying the enraged woman started to shake the little girl and demanded she’d stop. The woman that Sarah was talking to saw what Sarah was doing to Amelia and decided to put a stop to it. The woman grabbed Sarah's arm and had pulled her away from Amelia and told Sarah it was enough!, causing Sarah to realize what she was doing and bursted into tears.
Amelia took off crying and hid in the woman's bedroom where she tried to close the door, through her sobbing the little girl could hear a loud and long discussion that started between the two women as her mother went off the rails and shouted at her friend who was protecting Amelia. She thought that the little girl should be taken away from Sarah. Amelia’s mother was of course against this.

None the less it only took the C.P.S. 2 years to gather enough evidence, by collecting medical, psychological and numerous police reports to make it to court. Where the judge had ruled Sarah unfit to take care of the 7 year old and gave the recommendation that she should be hospitalized. Sarah disagreed and tried to appeal the case but was turned down and hospitalized.

Amelia’s things were packed. The little girl was then transferred to into the C.P.S. system. Where a new home was sought for Amelia, not being able to find any relatives on either her fathers nor on her mothers side, she was placed on the list for foster care. This list along with her file had somehow made it's way to the desk of a certain Admiral who immediately knew a good home for Amelia and pulled some strings to have her live on board the U.S.S. Vindicator with her son James Archer.

From there on, growing up on the Vindicator was never boring and always adventurous, for the little girl. Her adoptive father while stern in appearance grew closer to her and bonded with the girl on a parental level as time went on, occasionally the two clashed and little arguments came to be whenever James had to go away on an excursion but Amelia was always glad and happy when he came back home.

When the time came to go to the academy, Amelia followed in James' foot steppes in the intelligence field after learning much from him, but she did not want to leave the ship she grew up and after her grandmother pulling a few strings she was allowed to stay on the Vindicator and graduated a few years later.