Uss Vindicator

Cadet Senior Grade Segon

Name Segon

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 204
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Segon is tall with a dark complexion, large, attentive eyes, a broad nose and a perpetual five o'clock shadow. He hunches when speaking to others, particularly when they're shorter than he is. Segon has a shambling gait to his walk and gestures with his hands far more often than is typical of his species.


Father Asilv (79)
Mother Salet (64)
Sister(s) Saleta (36)
Aravik (34)
Other Family T'stos (Paternal Uncle, 74)
Asil (Paternal Grandfather, 102)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Segon's family practices an off-shoot of Surak's path of logic espoused by 23rd century philosopher S'Dewuk, he espoused evolutionary principles of pattern recognition inherent to all Vulcans which promised "Reasoning far greater than pure logic." Segon is a firm believer in suppressing emotion in service of a higher state of being but rejects that pure logic necessitates a positivist outlook on life nor a life of blunt, callous honesty. Evasiveness and occasionally, outright lies for a larger purpose are permitted and occasionally encouraged under this philosophy.

As such, Segon possesses an unusual appreciation for experiential learning and believes that Tellarites, Humans and Vulcans possess a trinity of outlooks that could bring about peace throughout the galaxy. Broadly speaking - staunchness of spirit married to inter-subjective morality married to reason. For this reason, Segon is, even among the Vulcans, an especially vocal proponent of the Federation's values, if not always its actions.

Segon is general quiet when he speaks - even moreso during negotiation. He is confident in his actions, bordering on arrogant with a far greater respect for ideals and logic than rank. Segon enjoys the variety of experience afforded by being in Starfleet and can often be seen in social gatherings - sometimes alone and sometimes with others. While not loud or demonstrative, Segon is unusually extroverted and prefers to be around others as much as possible.
Strengths & Weaknesses Among his people, a thorough knowledge of Surak's principles of logic are often considered to be synonymous with intelligence. Given his family's adherence to an alternative interpretation of logic, among Vulcans, Segon is not considered very intelligent and perhaps more importantly, deeply untrustworthy. Segon does no believe that Vulcans are incapable of lying as they so often claim and is open about his capability and willingness to obscure the truth - not for its own sake but for a supposedly higher form of logic.

Again, unlike most of his species, Segon is an aural learner who prefers to hone and hew ideas via conversation rather than quiet, solitary study. As such, Segon is rarely seen alone and reading.

Still in all, Segon is a capable analyst of facts and figures. However, if Segon has an elite skill it is in remembering, recounting and utilizing rhetoric. Segon has a deep and abiding love of linguistics, word-use, tone and body language. Segon spent 6 primary school years in the study of the major Alpha and Beta quadrant languages and as such, prefers to speak to any race he is able to without a universal translator.

The ability to wield and understand language often appears pedantic to others, however. Ironically, despite his tremendous enjoyment in being around other people, Segon has sometimes found that he is not well liked or alienating. Segon also borders on pedantic and dogmatically adherent to his mentor S'Dewuk's philosophies. His endless attempts to steer conversation to exactly these types of philosophical subjects was a source jibes amongst his peers at school.

Segon often prefers the company of non-Vulcans especially Betazoids, who share a similar outlook (thought not a demeanor) with his mentor.

He is a staunch supporter of the Federation's mission of knowledge accumulation, peace and inter-racial understanding. He is a zealous supporter of the Federation and an equally zealous enemy of those who oppose the Federation way of life. As such, Segon is weary of alliance with powers like the Klingons or Dominion and a viscious, vehement opponent to Vulcan reunification with the Romulans. Moreover, Segon can sometimes come off as cold to those that would only reluctantly embrace Federation ideals.

Segon is not physically strong - he does not work out or have any interest in sports. He has only shot a phaser on the occasions when he was required to the the academy and does plan to again if he can avoid it.

Segon is a proficient percussionist, preferring a set of T'odlz tuned at various intervals supplemented by neoclassical Regar arrangements. Segon has released music on his homeworld to small levels of acclaim but almost no popular recognition. Neoclassical regar has been out of
fashion on Vulcan for some two hundred years.
Ambitions To rise to a command position from his perch as a diplomatic officer and project the mission of the Federation to all those willing to hear it.
Hobbies & Interests Percussion, Strategy Games, Conversation, Linguistics and Inter-Species Language Manipulation

Personal History Segon was born in Re'ash to self-styled revolutionary parents who lived on the outskirts of Vulcana Regar. Segon was schooled by his mother as part of a planning community that taught and espoused a modified version of Surak's teachings espoused by the philosopher S'Dewuk. The community was well known among the denizens of Vulcan for it's extreme teachings outside of the mainstream of society and their belief that pure logic under Surak was hardly logical at all.

After attending a specialized Linguistic school throughout his later primary years, Segon was able to obtain admittance to the Academy of Arts and Letters in Tural when he was 18 years old. However, Segon's ideas drew ire and negative attention from multiple scholars at the Academy and before the end of his second year Segon was given the opportunity to walk away in the face of an almost certain dismissal for failure to achieve basic proficiency in the logical art of language.

Following a year of work as a tutor general manual help around his community, Segon set about to achieving admittance to Starfleet Academy in hopes of being able to apply his patriotism in an environment that was more ecumenical about the philosophies it espoused.

Segon was admitted as part of a diplomatic pilot program begun during his first year as a cadet and studied xeno-linguistics, leadership and diplomatic conduct before graduating in 2415.
Service Record 2408-2410 - Student, Tural Academy of Art and Letters
2411-2415 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy