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SIM Report Dec 1st - 28th 2014

Posted on Thu Jan 1st, 2015 @ 8:32am by Commander Amelia Waterhouse

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Happy Holidays!

AS anticipated, the holiday season is our slow season. Now that New Years is quickly coming and going, we plan to start 2015… well… 2415 ;) off with a bang. We’ll be wrapping up loose ends and closing holiday party shenanigans within the first week of January. Expect plot tidings in your inboxes shortly, so now would be a terrific time to draw your leave logs to an end as the Vindicator will be leaving the ship yards new, improved, and with epic orders super fast!

With love,


Merry Whatever.

Proper plot to launch in the new year. Love to all of you who’ve still been logging through the holidays and/or have given us a heads up that you needed an LOA.

♥ + Tribbles,




At the masque Te’shara R’heil, Thalla Zheer, and Jane Jones exchange small talk about the party. With a dance, the Captain quickly identifies Almar Dahe’el despite his well crafted and enveloping costume. Then the Captain encounters the crafter of her costume, Noah Waterhouse, and they exchange conversation. Amelia Waterhouse finds herself enchanted by the mysterious figure from the pages of V for Vendetta, and finds herself pleasantly surprised when she deduces it is Almar behind the mask. Noah Waterhouse turns on his charm for Lily Charlson, ending the evening with a promise for a lunch later. The Captain finds herself unusually comfortable in the arms of a mysterious dragon, ending the evening in his private company on the balcony and being quite surprised to find the familiar face of Landon Neyes behind the mask when midnight requires he reveal himself.

The next day, Lily finds herself explaining to Zheer — acting security and tactical chief — her actions during the battle with the Romulan ships, and why she took charge; she’s rewarded with the promise of training and responsibility. Meanwhile, Rochelle confronts her senior staff about how they hid Landon from her. Te’shara relaxes in her quarters. Amelia comes back from exercise in the holodeck to find an unexpected visitor in Dani Atarah. The AWOL engineer gives Amelia the update on what’s going on with the Cardello syndicate — soon to be renamed due to new ownership — and arranges a meeting with Intel to negotiate a deal to wipe their slate. Amelia later finds herself being a sympathetic ear as Dr Rotek confesses the source of his stress and self imposed isolation: he had long been estranged with his parents due to his sexual orientation, and had just recently learned they’d been killed by the Borg, thus destroying any chance to repair their relationship. Cecil duPont and Chloe Ebonheart take a lunch together on Qu’Vat before Vindicator leaves for Earth. A new Intelligence officer, Catalina Barnes, specializing in encryption, finds herself staring down the XO when her department head is too busy for her to report into, and finds herself out of her depths discussing encryption with Amelia. Chloe Ebonheart cashes in the promise from Noah to show her some of his mother’s holodeck programs, and the two have a wild time attempting to fight the Borg. After her encounter with the XO, Barnes makes her way to sickbay for her exam, and finds herself chastised for her high level of caffeine intake. Noah has a nice picnic lunch with Lily Charlson on the bridge of his ship The Pelican, and invites her to join him and his family on Christmas day for dinner.

After arriving on Earth for leave while Vindicator is properly refit, Rochelle finds her blue alien fox has a hitchhiker, and calls Amelia to meet the little green fox cub with the intent of her taking on his care when he’s old enough to be parted from his mother.

Mission Briefing

Holiday leave is drawing to an end with the Vindicator’s refit nearly complete. New orders will be issued shortly that will see the Vindicator off on her new adventure deep into the heart of lawless space.



  • Lt R'heil is on LOA until mid-January.

  • LtJG Roswell is on LOA until mid-January.

  • Cmdr Archer is on LOA.


  • BJ joins as Catalina Barnes, Encryption Specialist

  • Welcome back to Aza, who is reviving LtJG Teá Black, intelligence officer.

Log Counts

  • Capt Rochelle Ivanova — 4 + 2 = 6

  • Lt Cmdr Amelia Waterhouse — 5 + 8 = 13

  • Lt Te'shara R’heil — 2 + LOA = 2

  • Lt Chloe Ebonhart — Ex + 2 = 2

  • Ens Lily Charlson — 3 + 1 = 4

  • Cmdr Almar Dahe’el — 2 + 1 = 3

  • Lt Dustin Shea — LOA

  • LtJG Saia Roswell — LOA

  • Lt Kitaru Hirano Ph.D — 0

  • Lt Rotek — Ex + 1 = 1

  • Lt Cmdr Tristan Neyes — 2 + 1 = 3

  • Commander Logan Grant — Ex + 1 = 1

  • Commander James Archer — Ex + LOA

  • CdtSR Catalina Barnes — new + 1 = 1

  • Cmdr Gabriel Parsons — 0

  • Major Koer — 0

  • Commodore Andrea Levine — Ex + 3 = 3

  • TOTAL COUNT: 9/18 + 9/21 = 18/39

Total counts is listed as two numbers: the number of logs released/the counts by player contribution.

Reporting Officers

Rochelle Ivanova, Captain
Commanding Officer

Lt Cmdr Amelia Waterhouse
Executive Officer
USS Vindicator, NCC-78213-E


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