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SIM Report for USS Vindicator - Sept. 21st 2014 - Oct. 5th 2014

Posted on Tue Oct 7th, 2014 @ 8:17am by Commander Amelia Waterhouse

As always, you can see the pretty version on Google Drive:

-=/\=- CO -=/\=-
Hello hello! It’s that time of month again! We’re now mid-way, if not more, into this plot and we’re going to start wrapping things up. Consider this plot a pretty awesome test drive into getting you guys ready for more. Lots more. Let’s work on everything that was outlined in the senior officer’s meeting and get in towards resolution. I’m very proud with everyone’s forward progress!

You’ll notice that we have one big block summary this time instead of individual log summaries. It can take upwards of 10 hours to do total summaries of every single log you guys put out. So. If you lot would like to see individual summaries, I ask that you guys summarize your own logs in 50 words or less and send that summary to the command list along with the title of your logs. We’ll include them in order every SIM report. It really is a game of give and take, and we want to keep everyone happy :)

We have a ton of surprises in store and, just before Halloween, we’ll be starting with another award ceremony, our last until Christmas!!! Hooray!!!! Please get your crew award nominations in as soon as possible!

=/\= XO =/\=
Holy Marinara, even keeping it down to about a sentence per log to cover the last two weeks of plot, we’ve got seven paragraphs of summary. Imagine how insane that would have been if we’d done full summaries like we’d been doing the last couple weeks — well, you have an idea, we’ve done it the last two SIM Reports after all. And this was a light week by the standards we’ve had! Wow. I tried to at least touch everyone’s logs in passing, but there was so much to summarize I apologize if anything of yours got missed along the way. I’m hoping that you guys will help us out with the summaries like Toby’s asked, so we can go back to long form individual log summaries like we’d been doing before. I know that with so much activity on the ship, it can be difficult to keep up with all the logs released (I do most of my reading on the bus to and from work myself), so if we can keep the summaries at the longer length to help people be able to keep up easier, that would be ideal. Thanks to mooeypoo for the help with the summary as it regards to activities on Earth!

Between the new plot and subplot developments, as well as new characters who’ve just joined us, we’ve had an exciting last two weeks. Here’s hoping the excitement keeps up as it has.
Thank you all for the great logs, and happy simming!


-=/\=- Summary -=/\=-
Lt Novak and Crewman Thomas spend a little time in the holodeck, helping Novak adjust to the challenges of flying a large ship like Vindicator, not long before the Vindicator breaks orbit to leave Qo’noS and ending leave prematurely. On his way back to the ship, Yeoman duPont is injured, but quickly put to rights by the medical staff. The last person to board Vindicator before departing to respond to the distress signal is the ship’s new JAG officer, Commander Parsons, who has a bit of a stare down with the Captain. After, Neyes challenges the Captain on the manner in which she handled the JAG officer, only to have the two come to an understanding over her reaction to Parson’s introduction.

Upon arrival at the planet which holds the source of the distress signal, Commander Waterhouse assembles an away team consisting of Commander PontBrillant, Ensigns Maxwell and Sørensen, and Petty Officer 2nd Class Rayya. On the planet, they easily find the downed craft that is the source of the signal, with empty rum bottles, a discarded pirate hat, various sailors knots, and barely functional computer. Just as they uncover the crew/passenger manifest which includes the name of the XO’s brother, from the cover of the surrounding jungle come the natives: small creatures of about four feet in height, brown-green mottled skin, big bulbous eyes and a double row of sharp pointy teeth in a large mouth. After a bit of a standoff involving a portable shield deployed, Waterhouse takes a leap of faith and orders the shield dropped after realizing they were very likely involved in a prime directive first contact. The creatures guide the team to others of their kind, as well as the survivors from the crash. Among them is one Dr. Logan Grant, a man known to Waterhouse, and a member of Starfleet. As he is beamed aboard, there is an exchange between Commander PontBrillant and Noah Waterhouse, ending with Noah’s arrest for obstruction of an investigation — charges that Waterhouse find to be incorrect, but in light of avoiding the legitimate assault charges her brother had earned, elects not to correct the Commander about. Upon arrival back on the ship, Waterhouse checks in with her father to tell her parents she’s found her brother.

Upon his arrival upon the Vindicator, Dr Grant is greeted by the Captain for a very warm welcome in the transporter room. Later in the day, he’s greeted by his new department head, Tristan Neyes, where the conversation turns to the Captain and the trials she’s been through of late. After this, there is a medical and counseling meeting, allowing both counselors to meet their counterparts in the medical bay, Doctors Rotek and Maxwell. In security, Lieutenant R’heil is given the position of armory supervisor, then she finds herself down in sickbay with a case of Cat Flu. In the lounge, the Captain has lunch and a talk with the manager, Mr. Bernard III, which ends in him agreeing to cater an upcoming awards and promotions ceremony, free of charge.

Commander PontBrillant continues to pursue Captain Ivanova, now turning to cryptic love notes and treasure hunts to lure her in. Meanwhile, Lt Ebonheart continues to find herself conflicted as she continues her task of monitoring Mikkal and finding him attempting to manipulate her. In science, Rayya finds himself drawn into a project attempting to locate cloaked ships, and continuing his dialog with the odd little Ferengi engineer about her Little Big Sound Probes. In anticipation of a briefing about the situation down on the planet, Ivanova sends her Yeoman to gather reports from Dr Grant; and duPont gets a little side tracked talking about himself and inquiring about Dr. Grant.

In the briefing, what was found on the planet, the state of the natives, the presence of the XO’s little brother, and communication with the Klingon ambassador about all this are discussed. In the end, two new away teams are planned — science to gather information on the planet and the natives, and engineering to try to extract the downed ship without further contaminating the pre-warp culture. After a meeting is held with Krogoth, the Klingon ambassador, where some heated words are exchanged, and in the end the graceful management of Ivanova, the gentle but firm words of Neyes, and the brusk words of Waterhouse in the Klingon style, all convince him to let the Vindicator’s crew continue to handle the situation on the planet for the next week. A trip down to sickbay to clear up a headache after the meeting with Krogoth leaves the Captain with a confession from her chief medical officer, his preference for men having been a divide between him and his recently deceased parents. From there, she exchanges barbs and a status report about the meeting with Krogoth with Commander Archer as they encounter each other returning to their respective quarters.

The continued pursuits of PontBrillant leave Ivanova introspective and in need of a talk. She meets with Neyes in the middle of the night to discuss haunting memories, as well as challenges in their personal and professional relationships stemming from both his being the brother of Landon and the new host of the Neyes symbiont; in the end a clearer path is found and a better understanding forged between them. Hearing of PontBrillant’s attentions paid to the Captain, Dr Grant takes it upon himself to size up the man over lunch; in the end they have pleasant conversation and a good meal. As an aside, we’re given a flashback into Kitaru Hirano’s past, where he had accepted a job to recover a valuable item for a powerful Klingon house.

Meanwhile on Earth, Dani's visit with Andrea Levine ends with the Commodore kicking her out of the house, wanting to have nothing to do with the younger Engineer and the trouble she brings with her. Dani vows to take down Cardello and see Andrea and her family to safety. She, Zett and Smith formulate a plan and start carrying it off. Dani calls Ivanova and Waterhouse, looking for more information on where the fleet is, and in the end asking for them to spread some rumors about the Commodore to help set up the plan. And just as things get going with the plan, Dani takes a quick break to set up a long overdue call between Andrea on Earth and her husband, Logan, on the Vindicator.

=/\= Mission Briefing =/\=
Science and Engineering need to get their away teams deployed to the planet and work at the tasks outlined in the mission briefing log. Counseling is wrangling the issue of the native species, the changes caused by Noah Waterhouse and the crew of The Pelican, and what — if anything — can be done about it. Sickbay has a case of cat flu, as well as refugees from The Pelican needing check ups and treatment.

Any logs on the planet need to involve Pond for the native species, and if you need/want to log with any of the Pastafarians of The Pelican, Noah Waterhouse is available (just ask Pond) or if you ask very nicely, Landon may have time to log with you as his noodle touched Pelican crewmember. Our goal is to wrap this up within the next week or so. After that, we will be headed towards Qu’Vat for a pit stop.

-=/\=- Changes -=/\=-
Wench, who played Jayde Ramsey, has resigned her position aboard the Vindicator.
James Kaz, who plays Lily Charlson, is semi-LOA due to computer issues.
Te’shara R’heil is also semi-LOA for computer issues, but hopes to be back by Monday.

-=/\=- Welcome -=/\=-
Commander Gabriel Parsons as played by RV.

=/\= Log Counts =/\=

Captain Rochelle Ivanova - 17
Lieutenant Commander Amelia Waterhouse - 14
Lieutenant Henry Novak - 1
Lieutenant James Donaldson - 0
Lieutenant Te'shara R’heil - 3
Lieutenant Chloe Ebonhart - 3
Lieutenant Lily Charlson - 3
Commander Vlimar PontBrillant - 12
Commander Almar Dahe’el - 3
Lieutenant Dustin Shea - LOA
Lieutenant Danielle Atarah - 5
Lieutenant Junior Grade Saia Roswell - 2
PO2 Rael Rayya - 6
Lieutenant Kitaru Hirano Ph.D - 1
Lieutenant Rotek - 5
Lieutenant Commander Tristan Neyes - 12
Commander Logan Grant - 8
Commander James Archer - 3
Commander Gabriel Parsons - 2
Norbert Bernard III - 2
Jayde Ramsey - 2
Sally Moffat - 6



Rochelle Ivanova, Captain
Commanding Officer

Lt Cmdr Amelia Waterhouse
Executive Officer
USS Vindicator, NCC-78213-E


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