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SIM Report for USS Vindicator - 09/09/2014 - 09/21/2014

Posted on Mon Sep 22nd, 2014 @ 6:33pm by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova

Period: 09/08/2014 - 09/21/2014

Wow… another outstanding logging period! It’s an absolutely incredible thing to see us perform so well time after time with pretty much everyone hitting their marks! So many of you are over achievers, and I love you guys for it! With awards coming up right after the end of this coming plot, you guys will be remembered. Rest assured. All good deeds deserve another, right? At least that’s how I see it ;)

We do have a couple small issues to address. Please read the XO’s love note for you concerning NPCs. My chief concern right now, however, is the fact we’ve now asked everyone to follow a certain log subject/title format and a few of you are still not following it. We’re not sure if you guys are forgetting or just not reading these SIM reports and we’re about to get to the bottom of that issue one way or another. So yes. Pretty please follow the title formats, we have them that way for a reason. Also, please keep in mind that only characters boarded on the Nova need be mentioned in log titles. That’s NPCs and playing characters alike!

Other than that? Party on and be excellent to each other! Especially now that the plot is really getting under way!

Love always,

We have an npc problem on this boat. I love you all, and I love meeting all of these awesome NPCs you guys come up with, but not all of these NPCs need to go into the Nova. Please check with the command staff before creating new NPCs in the Nova. If you can not find us on irc, we are always available via the command mailing list.


JPL |PO2 Rayya & PO3 von Hesse & Crwm duPont| "It's Hard Work, but it Wouldn't be Worth it if it Wasn't."

The Captain’s Yeoman meets up with PO2 Rayya and PO3 Von Hesse on their way down to the planet. The two enlisted officers pick on him, lightly, about not bringing paperwork or work at all down on the planet. Cecil informs them that he reads when he finds free time. They speak briefly and it’s exposed that Cecil will be doing a lot of sightseeing when on Qo’noS

SD 241409.08| Joint Duty Log - Lt. Ebonheart & Ens. Charlson - Lets get Catty,

Charlson cheks in with Ebonheart and the two exchange quick pleasantries about their need to get to know the Vindicator. Charlson shares with Ebonheart a bit of her history, telling her that she came from Scottland before joining Starfleet at the age of 16. Chloe hands her a PADD with the ship’s schematics and sends her off to tour it.

Joint Duty Log - Lt. Ebonheart & Mikkal of Atlantis Prime - Untitled

Chloe is caught watching Mikkal in the lounge and Mikkal turns the table on her, approaching her and becoming an aggressive suitor, using his charms to bewilder the Security officer until she ultimately loses him when he takes off into a lift.

Joint Personal Log - LtCmdr Waterhouse & Cmdr PontBrillant - "When the World Seems to Shine Like You've Had Too Much Wine"

Waterhouse and PontBrillant meet up for dinner on Qo’noS and Waterhouse is quick to sneak them off resort property to a Klingon restaurant. They flirt back and forth as they scan the menus and Vlimar takes Amelia’s recommendation to try the Targ while she settles on the Octopus. Their waiter becomes increasingly more belligerent until a female hostess, presumably the owner, has to take action to keep a fight from breaking out between Vlimar and the Klingon male. Dinner, after that, appears to go well.

Joint Log | Capt. Ivanova, Commo. Levine, Lt. Atarah - "Gone To Carolina In My Mind"

Rochelle is woken up from sleep by the chirping of a PADD in her luggage and is greeted with the sight and sound of a link with Commodore Andrea Levine. The two women talk back and forth in a tearful exchange about what had gone on and what will happen. They talk about Logan and the children and touch a bit about the death of Captain Neyes. Knowing that their extended family is, for the most part, safe and alive is a great relief to both women. Dani breaks in saying that time is running up and Andrea acknowledges that she has Rochelle’s sketch of Da Vinci’s flying machine and Dani is quick to turn down the offering of the Colt ‘Peacemaker’. Before the transmission breaks, they agree that there will be a meeting, in person, soon.

Joint Personal Log - LtCmdr Waterhouse & Lt Shea - "Blind Stars of Fortune"

In the bar is one Dustin Shea, people watching and reflecting on his retirement from the fleet years ago. Enter one Amelia Waterhouse, coming back from a nice dinner, but found herself left alone when PontBrillant retired for the evening. She and Dustin strike up conversation, moving to a Klingon bar for some good blood wine, discussing his previous career with the fleet and his retirement, eventually admitting he was interested in rejoining the fleet.

Joint Personal Log - LtCmdr Waterhouse & Lt Shea - "I've Got More Than You Can Take"

After leaving the bar with a bottle of blood wine, Amelia and Dustin make their way onto the resort beach to talk more. Even though her intention was to learn more about Dustin, Amelia is convinced to share some information about herself. Dustin manages to distract further by paying Amelia a compliment, and playing keep away with the blood wine. When this turns to Dustin making a move on her, she politely turns him down. In the end, she agrees to let him join the crew.

Joint Log | Capt Ivanova - Cmdr PontBrillant - "Summer" - PT I/III, II/III, III/III

Commander PontBrillant follows Captain Ivanova down to the resort’s stables where it’s quickly announced that he’d managed to wriggle his way into what was supposed to be a private ride. Feeling slightly put off, Rochelle spurs her horse -- a very high spirited gray Arabian stallion -- into a gallop down the beach forcing Vlimar to take chase in an attempt to keep up with her. Eventually she allows him to catch up and the two ride and talk for a bit before stopping to allow their mounts to rest and Vlimar surprises the Captain with an impromptu picnic. They talk about life, he sharing his personal story with her when she requests that he tell her one, but is quickly stopped when he touches her and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. She gets up to leave but is stopped when he asks her not to and promises, much to his pain, that he won’t touch her again. They spend the rest of the afternoon talking until she cuts it short by saying they should get back to the stables with the horses.

Joint Log | Capt Ivanova, Lt Rotek - "It's Not Like It's Forever"

After returning from her ride with PontBrillant, Rochelle catches sight of a depressed looking Rotek who reacts quite strongly when she asks him if everything’s alright. Once she calls his bluff, he begins to cry and reveals that his family had been wiped out by the Borg just before he was sent to Vindicator. Rochelle does her best to comfort him and recommends he visit with Counselor Neyes as soon as possible. She also shared with him a bit about her own mother’s disappearance. Rotek informs Rochelle that she’d honored them both and invites her for raktajino, an offer she takes up and the two head off for further conversation over the coffee-like drink by the pool.

Joint Log | Capt Ivanova, LtCmdr Waterhouse, LtCmdr Neyes - "Got my elbows down pinkies up"

Amelia convinces Rochelle to join her for tea on Qo’noS at Tristan and Zed’s resort room much to Rochelle’s chagrin. Zed quickly wins the ladies over by his super sophisticated charm as he greets them at the door and ushers them in. Rochelle quickly hops off to put her gift of cupcakes up on a table where he offers while Amelia gives Tristan a peace offering and Zed a comic book. Comics are the main discussion of the day until a crack made by Amelia catches Tristan’s attention along with makeup covering a faded bruise over Rochelle’s eye. Rochelle and Tristan retire to the kitchen in order to fetch more tea and Tristan corners her there about the black eye. She spills about Mikkal and the Atlantean crown, Tristan gives her back the leather band she’d left in Landon’s bed the night she was kidnapped.

Joint Personal Log - Capt Ivanova & LtCmdr Waterhouse - "Will You Talk to Me?"

Amelia and Rochelle begin their walk to a bar off Qapla’ property, much to Rochelle’s chagrin. To make the situation worse for Rochelle, Amelia brings up what she perceives as signs of Almar’s affections for the Captain and Rochelle is quick to shoot her down. The conversation is quickly angled onto another topic, although Amelia is amused.

Joint Personal Log - Capt Ivanova, Lt Cmdr Waterhouse & Cmdr PontBrillant - "Why Have A Ballroom With No Balls?" - I/II, II/II

Commander PontBrillant follows Lieutenant Commander Waterhouse and Captain Ivanova into an off resort bar, but not without being spied by Amelia who can’t quite put a name to the shadow she watches follow them. The trip to the bar quickly turns sour when Rochelle realizes that her drink has been poisoned and a Klingon pretends to be harassing her while warning her that she and Amelia are in danger. Under his direction, she throws her drink on him and allows him to segue into a staged fight with Amelia but leaves her to take on the bartender, a member of the team trying to kidnap them under Mikkal’s orders, on her own. Vlimar steps forward to observe closely and step in as need be, but Rochelle seems to have it under control as she holds the bartender by his beard against the bar top and her Klingon informant comes forward to identify himself as a member of the current ruling house. The Vindicator trio then go home.

Joint Log | Capt Ivanova - Cmdr Dahe'el - "Fall"

After Rochelle’s poor encounter out at the bar, she returns back to her resort room to find Almar there and upset. She explains to him that Captains take risks as she climbs into bed. He joins her in his typical protective fashion and the two of them discuss that her luck will eventually run out when it comes to taking such risks. He informs her that he’s made it his mission to bring her back time and time again. The two kiss but the intimacy soon dies when Almar can’t define why what they’re doing seems to feel right and Rochelle rolls over to find sleep.

Personal Log - Dani Atarah, Kalina Zett, Tom Cardello, and the Levine children - The Bed You Make Yourself - Earth XI

Dani and her team are invited to lunch with Cardello to get their new tasks, but are greeted with the syndicate boss' body guards. He orders Dani to comply with all his demands, and when she refuses, he shows her the Levine children, whom he kidnapped. Dani, broken, accepts the new conditions of her "employment," not having much choice. She meets a sobbing, injured Anne, who's sure Schlompi, her pet rat, was killed by Cardello's men. Dani promises to take the family back home safely.

Personal Log | Captain Rochelle Ivanova - "Sail Serenely By"

Taking a walk on the beach the morning after the entire bar fight debacle, Rochelle begins to let her thoughts drift to how she’s evolving as a person and as an officer post the death of Landon and the Whydah event. She’s stopped when she finds a dying starfish tangled in some seaweed. After untangling the creature, she wades into the sea to release it and winds up soaking her clothing. She doesn’t realize that her selflessness parallels the very reason why Landon had perished.

Joint Personal Log | Lt. Novak & PO2 Rayyal | “Surf Up”

Novak & Rayyal meet at Qapla’, exchanging generalities, until both men agreed to meet on the beach for a session of surf.

Joint Personal Log | Ens. Maxwell & Ens. Fisher | “A day at the beach” (Part I & II)

Robyn and Scott beamed down to Qapla’ for lunch and a day of fun in sun. The two are quick to stake out their own personal patch of sand and race to a floating dock a few yards out where they sun and enjoy one another’s company before swimming back to lay on the sand. Scott reminisces about the old times and starts thinking about his feelings for Robyn and is about to tell her as much when she tells him he’s the closest thing to a brother that she has. The situation was quite upsetting to Scott who felt it as a knife going through his heart. Robyn suggested that they return to the resort, which Scott agreed.

Personal Log | Lt. Saia Roswell | “Planet Day” - Part I & II

Saia and Kevin discussed about going down on the planet. Saia then went to the shower, while Kevin waited with a freshly replicated coffee. As she exited, Kevin was disappointed that she would not wear a bikini.

Joint Personal Log | LtCmdr Water(Wine)house & Lt. Novak | “I remember you”

Early morning at the resort, Henry Novak woke up to a malfunctioning replicator in his bungalow. Making his way outside to look over the beach, an encounter with a local bird turns violent

Joint Duty & Personal Log | Lt. Ebonheart & Lt. R’heil | “Kitty’s on the prowl”

Lt. Ebonheart & Lt. R’heil meet during regular patrol duties. Te’Shara noticed that Chloe seem slightly annoyed with something, to which the half-caitian advised that she did not accomplish her last assignment properly. R’heil tried to put Ebonheart at ease by analyzing the events. Chloe had more into mind that her assignment, thinking about Commander PontBrillant.

Personal Log | Anne, Grandma, Twins and Schlompi | Small Comfort

Anne, Grandma, the twins and Schlompi were out for an afternoon out, as a family, when they were confrontated by a group of armed men. As the men tried to control Anne, Schlompi jumped and attacked the men while the rest of the group tried to escape, only to be caught by the pursuing men. Schlompi was thrown into the trees where he lay unconscious. As he woke up, Schlompi noticed that Grandma, Anne & the Twins were gone, without a trace.

Personal Log | Sally Moffat | Better Luck Next Time

Sally noticed Cmdr. PontBrillant at the bar of her establishment, reading “The Art of War” while sipping slightly his glass of scotch. She attempted to sell him various memorabilia, which Vlimar declined to purchase. She tried to find a way to be noticed by the Commander, thinking to try again at a later time.

Joint Personal Log | LtCmdr Waterhouse, LtCmdr Neyes, Lt Shea & Zed | “Sing loud for the sunshine”

As a follow up to tea, Amelia invites Counselor Neyes and Zed to watch her and Dustin demo the use of nunchuks. The demos make it clear that Dustin's training was much more formal than Amelia's and Zed finds himself a second hero and the spark of interest is planted.

Joint Personal Log | Lt. Morgan & 1Lt Black | “Goodnight Sweetheart”

Teá had one of her nightmares so decided to contact Sean Morgan on the Bismark and discussed the visit of Amelia’s parents at the Shipyards, then the fact that Amelia was named XO, while Rochelle was awarded the rank of Captain. Teá said that she believed that Rochelle did not want her aboard the Vindicator. They both discussed about how they missed each other, to conclude by Teá expressing her nightmare to Sean, him trying to ease up the stress.

Joint Log | Capt. Ivanova & Lt-Cmdr. Neyes | “Down Periscope”

Rochelle was laying poolside when she was approached by Mr. Neyes. Both discussed travels and place of origins, where Rochelle learnt that Tristan never been to Earth. Tristan was then introduced to the particular marketing techniques of the Qapla’ resort, being surrounded by both male and female, to appease to all tastes. Both concluded their meeting by promising to take a well-due vacation and relaxing during shore leave.

Joint Plot Log | Ch’Gret, Inwa & Mikkal | “Who’s unhappy, We’re unhappy.”

Following a botched attempt at kidnapping Captain Ivanova & Lt-Cmdr. Winehouse, Ch’Gret & Inwa contacted Mikkal, the sponsor of the kidnapping, to complain about the impossibility of the mission they had been assigned. Mikkal requested his payment back, which the Ferengi & the Klingon refused to provide. Both sides issued threats to the other, finishing by the Ferengi mentioning disclosing the contract sponsored by Mikkal to the Command Team of the Vindicator, while Mikkal ended the communication, sending details of the actions of the Ferengi & the Klingon to the Klingon High Council.

Joint Personal Log | Ens. Maxwell & Sally Moffat | “Revelation” Part I & II

Sally welcomed Robyn with a tale of her attempts to sell artifacts to Cmdr. PontBrillant, stating that despite his refusal, her attempt to woo him were not over. Sally then questioned Robyn about Scott, which Robyn was actually looking for. Sally believes that Scott & Robyn are in a romantic relationship, causing Scott to drink his sorrows. The fast talking bartender and the young medical officer continued discussion about the origin of Robyn & Scott’s relationship, as platonic as it might be.

Personal Log | Andrea Levine & Schlompi | “Consequences” Part I

On Earth, Andrea Levine was reading a book when she heard commotion coming from the outside. As she opened the door, startled, she noticed her Andorian Rat “Schlompi” was injured to the paw. The realization that the animal was injured might lead Andrea to believe that people dear to her might be in danger. She located a gun, Rochelle’s gun, and barged outside.

IMPORTANT - Joint Duty Log - Capt Ivanova, LtCmdr Waterhouse & Kogroth - “Winter”

Amelia catches Rochelle sitting by the pool and heads down to have a conversation with her concerning the nature of their vacation. Rochelle is quick to inform Amelia that she has no intention of ever returning to Qo’noS when Kogroth comes to pay them a visit, informing the team that the Klingons have received a distress call from a presumably down federation civilian vessel on a nearby planet in Klingon space. The Command team immediately jumps to action to cut vacation short in order to head out on a rescue mission and Kogroth informs them that he will be joining them to represent Klingon interests.

Joint Duty Log - LtCmdr Waterhouse & Lt Shea - "You Came Along And You Moved Me"

Amelia initiates the recall of the crew, then collects Dustin. She keeps him company as she hurries him through packing, and brings him to the ship. She brings him to her quarters to get him in uniform and started on paperwork, getting ego, an eyeful, and teasing in return.

Duty Log - Lt Zola - “Think Smart, Play It Fast, Technologies Don’t Last”

Zola literally dances with the Warp Core during maintenance.

in a caitians mind

Te’shara goes back to her quarters after rounds and drinks a glass of milk while reading a letter she received from her family on Cait. She writes a letter back and goes to sleep.

PLOT Log | Cmdr. PontBrillant | “Cutting it short”

Trying to catch a nap, a naked Vlimar PontBrillant is disturbed and informed that he needs to cut his vacation short and call everyone back to the Vindicator to intercept an emergency call. He’s quick to act and races back to the Vindicator to do as requested.

Personal Log - Dani, Zett and the Levines - Consequences, Pt II - Earth XIII

Just before Andrea can do something that she'll regret, Dani arrives with her family. The reunion is marred by Andrea sending Dani away, holding her responsible for what happened without even knowing what had happened.

Joint Personal Log | Cmdr PontBrillant & LtCmdr Neyes | “Observations”

While trying to get some work done in the peace and quiet of the observation lounge, Tristan is interrupted by Vlimar who shows up looking for the same only to find the counselor in “his spot”. The two engage in conversation over synthahol whiskey that is quickly cut short when Vlimar insinuates his interest in the Captain, a fact that bothers the young counselor.

Joint Duty Log | LtCmdr Tristan Neyes PhD, Lt Chloe Ebonheart - "That's What She Said"

Chloe seeks out the counselor under the guise of making new friends and finds Tristan attempting to work. Tristan is unprepared to work through a full session with her at that time as he hasn’t studied up on Caitian psychology, but knows them to be short minded and easily distracted. Instead, he offers to follow her on her rounds and teach her short cuts around the ship.

PL - Civilian - Ms Ramsey - “Here we go Again”

Jayde reminisces over her past and future as she travels with her cat to meet up with the Vindicator in hopes for a new start, but knows old bad habits will die hard.

Joint Personal Log | Cmdr Dahe'el & Cmdr. PontBrillant | "Sparring Part 1"

Vlimar makes his way into engineering, speaking with Almar about modifications to the Vindicator. Almar warns him about making modifications to the ship's systems without getting it authorized by engineering and the command staff first. There is some male posturing between the lines.

(Backlog) Joint Personal Log |Cmdr PontBrilliant & PO2 Rayya| "He Called Me Old. Clever"

Rayya and Vlimar get drinks and introduce themselves to each other, comparing their thoughts on leave.

(BackLog) Joint Personal Log |Lt Novak & PO2 Rayya| "Phenomenal Waves"

Novak and Rayya catch some gnarly waves.

SD 241409.20| Kitty Watch and New friends

Chloe meets Robyn Maxwell for the first time while on rounds watching Mikkal. She has to cut the chit chat short when Mikkal exits his quarters and heads for the lounge where she confronts him for the kissing and running routine. Mikkal lies to the half-breed Caitian telling her that the Captain is holding him hostage before grabbing and kissing her again instead of answering her questions. Chloe slips and tells him that she’s under orders to watch him and follows him into his quarters where the door shuts behind them both with passion on Mikkal’s mind.

Joint Log Norbert Bernard + Sally Moffat + Cpl. Richard Cortez

A marine catches a drink at the after dark lounge, only to find himself witness to Norbert getting upset with Sally as she arrives late to work. He proceeds to put Norbert in his place, and leave Sally with stars in her eyes.

Personal Log : Ensigns Robyn Maxwell/Scott Fisher :Apologies

Robyn gets ready to report for duty, and is stopped on her way by Scott to talk. He apologizes for his behavior on leave, and he and Robyn say they'll just go back to being friends. In the end, it doesn't look like it will be that easy.

PL|CMO|Lt. Rotek|"Calm"

The doctor takes time in his quarters to reflect upon his encounter with Captain Ivanova, and his relationship with his parents and their death at the hands of the Borg.

Klingon Ambassador Kogroth from the House of Ch’Krang has come forward with news of a distress signal from a civilian Federation vessel that has presumably crash landed on a planet in Klingon Space. Vacation has been cut short and all members of the crew have been ordered back onto the ship. If you’ve read this and understand it please e-mail with bock bock as a the subject and cluck cluck CHICKEN GOOD! as the message body along with the name of all of your characters on this ship.


Lieutenant Dustin Shea - LOA

Welcome to;
Lieutenant James Donaldson APB Thompson
Lieutenant Kitaru Hirano APB Rik

Log Counts

Captain Rochelle Ivanova: 13
Lieutenant Commander Amelia Waterhouse: 14
Lieutenant Henry Novak: 3
Lieutenant Te'shara R’heil: 2
Lieutenant Chloe Ebonhart: 5
Lieutenant Lily Charlson: 1
Lieutenant James Donaldson: 0
Commander Vlimar PontBrillant: 13
Commander Almar Dahe’el: 2
Lieutenant Danielle Atarah: 7
Lieutenant Dustin Shea: 4
Lieutenant Junior Grade Saia Roswell: 1
Lieutenant Rotek: 2
Lieutenant Commander Tristan Neyes: 5
Commander Logan Grant: E
Lieutenant Kitaru Hirano: *
Ensign Robyn Maxwell: 9
Commander James Archer: E
PO2 Rael Rayya: 5
Norbert Bernard III: 1
Jayde Ramsey: 1


Reporting Officer

Rochelle Ivanova, Captain
Commanding Officer

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