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Mission Orders Heads Up

Posted on Tue Nov 13th, 2012 @ 11:23pm by Captain Olan Dar

Alright everyone we are about to hit the planet. Here are some orders or suggestions of what you could do. This is just a heads up as obviously certain things still need to happen IC before your characters can actually do any of this but I wanted to make sure everyone had something to start thinking about.

Anyone can play an NPC, Romulan or otherwise, so don't be shy. If it is a major enough character we can also create an entry in the site so it can be used again. If you want to do something major, be sure to loop in the command team so we can be sure it doesn't conflict with existing plans.

Medical/Science - We have no medical officers right now but we have a new Biologist! Either way you'll naturally be involved in helping to find out what is causing these Romulans to get sick and die. If some want to make up one or two medical NPCs for the ship that helps too.

Security/Marines - You'll be responsible for the safety of the away team on the planet. We are not in conflict with the Romulans (no more than usual anyway) so there is a valid concern but if you were to ask Dar, he'd say not to show excessive force since this is their colony.

Since we are super close to Romulan space and they are known to be dealing with a brewing internal conflict, getting a CAP out wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Ops/Engineering - Ops is something we don't have players in either but engineering can take the lead on any materials or machinery that the Romulans need. We don't know what we will be providing, if anything so just keep an eye out.

Command - We point, you shoot. :)


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