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SIM REPORT July 13th - July 26th

Posted on Sun Jul 27th, 2014 @ 10:04pm by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova
Edited on Tue Sep 9th, 2014 @ 4:31am

SIM Report for USS Vindicator
Period: July 13th - July 26th

Well folks, here’s to another exciting logging period in Vindicator history. So much has changed and we’re hoping that it’s for the better as we steadily pick up steam. We’re incredibly sad to see the changing of the guard, but we wish Landon well in his new endeavors. Life sometimes gets in the way, but we know he won’t stay away for too long and look forward to him figuring out his new character and role here on the Vindicator.
More logs are coming and we really encourage everyone to hit people up for joint logs. Need an NPC? Pond and I are happy to oblige you with one of our creations. We’re pushing onwards in hopes of stealing next year’s Bergen award. Why? Because we totally deserve it! You guys are incredible and pumping out log after log that I look forward to reading! That makes Vindicator truly deserving of a Bergen and we’re definitely going to fight for it!
Stay tuned for an extra special time soon hitting the Vindi as we hit Klingon Space!

Love always,

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
The end of this plot is in sight! We’ve got a few key logs to send out for you, and then we’re on our way to Klingon space and the shipyards. We’ve seen the revival of a few of our dormant players this week, welcome back guys! We’ve also seen a couple new players hit the rosters this week, and we’re excited to have them.
One change we’d like to implement, we want to start using a standard format for the log titles. I’ve seen a few different style come up in the few weeks I’ve been here, so I’d like to set us on one standard format. If you could designate if the log is a duty or personal log (please pick one), list the character(s) involved, and then include a flavor text title of some sort, that would be appreciated. It makes it easier for people skimming the archives to see what logs might be of interest to them, and it does help the command team when needing to reference logs and do counts for SIM report purposes. For example, a title in this format might look like this:

Personal Log - Lt Spiegel - “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”
Duty Log | Capt Glazkov | “They’ll Listen to Reason”
Joint Duty Log / Ens Boq, Ens Bright & Ens White / “On A Cloud of Sound I Drift in the Night”
Joint Personal Log - Lt Figgins & Lt Mayweather - “Just One Look and I Knew”

We appreciate everyone’s patience as Toby and I settle in here; it has been a little bit of an awkward transition, but we aim to make sure everyone’s having fun once everything settles into a smooth routine. If you have any thoughts, requests, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to ping us on IRC or via the command list:
Also, remember, I’m always available for a JL if you need a nudge or even if you just want to log together! Shoot me a starter any time, though if you don’t warn me first, you may end up with a surprise NPC. Fair warning.

This time on Vindicator;

The command team were successfully recovered with major thanks to LtCmdr Almar Dahe`el and Lt. Zola working together releasing vital sign sensing probes and taking the Vindicator into Notura’s atmosphere. The ship did take a little bit of a beating for her jaunt, but the end justifies the means. Commander Rochelle Ivanova and Captain Landon Neyes are currently in the care of sickbay after being recovered dead on arrival. The Trill Symbiosis commision has been contacted about Neyes’ current state as he’s not likely to recover fully at present time. They’ll be retrieving him in short order. The rest of the Vindicator crew will be limping into shipyards in Klingon space, meaning everyone is back from the planet and should be preparing for our arrival at the yards.

Recommended Plot Related Reading;

Joint Duty Log - LtCmdr Dahe'el, Lt Waterhouse & Lt Zola - "How Red Were The Skies"
You took the fall for us pts I-V; JDL Capt Neyes Cmdr Ivanova - PLOT

Mission Briefing
Currently we need to focus on getting the ship to Klingon space and the shipyards, as well as repairs on the ship. We do have a few crew joining us from the shipyards, so there will be some logging from them as they wait in the shipyards.

New Recruits:
Danielle Atarah, played by mooeypoo who has been helping us out with various NPCs already. This is a character she’s played in various other SIMs around the fleet, and she’ll be joining us in Engineering. She’s currently waiting at the shipyards in Klingon space.
Chloe Ebonheart, Kai is switching her primary character from Lynda Howard to Chloe and is joining us in Security. Chloe has been on previous SIMs within UCIP, and has just arrived by the shuttlecraft USS Remington.
Rotek, played by Cliff who is transferring him from another SIM to be our chief medical officer, and will be joining us at the shipyards in Klingon space.

Departing Crew:
Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams resigned his position, he also played Lieutenant JG Lucas Rossa.
Ensign Ernesto Guerrero Ph.D has resigned his position.
Ensign Markus Locke dropped for inactivity.
Ensign Sina deLaar dropped for inactivity.
Private 1st Class Tomalak Jellico dropped for inactivity.

Log Counts

Captain Rochelle Ivanova
Ensign James Renner
Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil
Lieutenant Chloe Ebonheart
Ensign Markus Locke
Lieutenant Commander Almar Dahe'el
Lieutenant Danielle Atarah
Lieutenant JG Saia Roswell
Lieutenant Rotek
New Player
Ensign Sina deLaar
Commander James Archer
Lieutenant Amelia Waterhouse
2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza
Private 1st Class Tomalak Jellico
*While no logs were released, there is a completed log waiting on timing with the XO, and this SIMer received credit for this logging period.

Not everyone met minimums for this logging period, but given where the plot is at and the transitioning command staff situation, if you submitted a log at all, you’re good for this period. But please be aware, if you’re a department head, you are obligated to two quality logs per two-week period. We will be understanding if something comes up to put a strain on your time, but we need you to communicate with us. Shoot us an email at if you can’t meet quota. We want to work with you to keep you happy, having fun, and logging.

Reporting Officer
Commander Rochelle Ivanova

Want to check out a formatted copy? You wish is our command!


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