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IRC supplemental simming

Posted on Sun Jun 8th, 2014 @ 12:30am by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova

Greetings crew,

Over the last little bit I've been sitting and discussing Vindicator with one of her former skippers and a UCIP legend. We've come to the decision that in order to help push the plot along that the Vindicator should become, in a way, multi-platform. I've chosen to open up a once a week supplemental SIM time. Each SIM will be an hour long, unless the players decide to go over.

Participation is NOT required, but senior officers can expect to have one of their two per period duty logs relieved by choosing to participate. This is a great way for junior officers to gain extra points towards promotion. Points will be tallied on a 3 month basis.

Right now I'm thinking around 4pm MST / 7pm EST on Sunday evenings.

Let me know of your preferences.



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Category: Sim Announcement

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