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Notice to All Crew.

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2013 @ 5:37am by Captain Landon Neyes

Hey all,

I went to complete a sim report for us when I realized how... little was logged. I wrote a big long paragraph about how we're all one team and everyone is responsible for their own part... and I get it. I understand we're busy, or there's not enough clarity with the plot.

If you would like to send me a message about what you need in regards to the sim, I want you to do it without hesitation. Please guys, I need your help to make this the sim we all want to write for. The Vindi is OUR ship. Not just mine.

I'm not going to do a sim report for the recent weeks, the specifics of our activity is not important to me right now, but I will do this:

EVERYONE is expected to log this week. 500 word minimum. I want each of you to write about your dept, where it stands, what your character's frame of mind is and how they're feeling. It can be a inner-monologue, or whatever you like.

Don't worry about where you are on the ship, and don't worry about the plot. We're under attack still. Starfleet is coming with a few ships to help. We'll be safe soon, and the bridge crew knows this. Fighters are still in space, with orders to return ASAP.

I will personally email anyone who fails to log with a query as to why, and they will be put on inactivity warning. Requests to be excused are rescinded for further notice. If you cannot log once in a 7 day period I need to know the week prior.

You all deserve a great sim. I want to help you get it.

Help me make it possible.

- Landon


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