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Using the News Item feature

Posted on Sun Jul 28th, 2013 @ 7:27pm by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova

Hi folks,

After browsing through and starting to clean up the website, I've noticed a significant amount of personal "LOG WITH ME!" and "I NEED TO BE EXCUSED!" notes being left as news items.

This is NOT acceptable. We have an OOC and Command email list where these are SUPPOSED to go. If this feature is continued to be abused, it will be taken away from the offenders indefinitely. We don't need to air our "dirty laundry" for the world to see.

Also. Please note that "No one will log with me" and "I'm out of log ideas" are NOT acceptable or appropriate reasons for an excuse and will no longer be accepted.

We're also implementing a three strike rule. Miss logging for 3 weeks? Can't come up with a valid excuse? Sorry, Charlie, we have to let you go. If you need help with a log, email the command list and we'll give you a set of words and a scenario to use.



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Category: General News

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