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Hello my pretties; important news within

Posted on Sat May 25th, 2013 @ 1:57am by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for choosing to fly with the USS Vindicator. Please keep your eyes and sense of adventure open at all times. My name is October and I'll be your Executive Officer from here on out. My character, Commander Rochelle Ivanova, is more than willing to collaborate with y'all to enhance and fulfill your posting needs.

With the change in XO comes a change in policies in order to help see Vindicator better succeed. The following policies are hereby in effect and I reckon you should take heed and adhere if you intend to continue on in your Vindicator experience.

1.) All members, Senior and Junior officers alike, will be required to log a minimum of once per week.
2.) Each log should be at minimum 250 words per player in order to receive credit for the week. IE: a joint log between two characters should be 500 words at minimum.
3.) NPCs must log at least once monthly to be given space on the Nova and cannot hold Chief Positions or positions of importance.
3.) Exemptions will be evaluated on a situation by situation basis. If you know you're going on vacation a month in advance, please send the command team an email with the dates you're expected to be on LOA. Emergencies happen, please inform us ASAP.
4.) Four log periods consisting of no logging will result in your character being put on the inactive list. A further 4 will see them removed
5.) You can erase missing log quotas by logging more than once a week.

Please keep in mind that there is ALWAYS something to do. If you're out of ideas, just ask and we'll generate a random idea for you to log about complete with a word list that you must include. These logs may be harder to complete than the average self-thought of log... There's a reason for that. We're going to push you and push the Vindicator to be all that she can be.

We have EXCITING things planned! Watch this space for news of an upcoming logging challenge that will yield an awesome prize to whoever wins! You WANT to win this! Trust me!

Please email or find me on IRC with any questions, comments or concerns.



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