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Apologies and a new Vindimite!

Posted on Fri Mar 11th, 2016 @ 4:19am by Commander Almar Dahe'el

Hey guys, your friendly neighbourhood Cardassian here.

First off I'd like to apologise for the absence of your command team as of late, October has been facing a few communication issues among other things going on and I've recently started a new job which has put me a little out of whack. We should see improvements over the next few weeks and big things will start happening!

Second, some of you will know that October was pregnant with her second child, I'm happy to say that Lucas was born earlier today and both mother and baby are doing incredibly well, so please all join me in wishing them the best and welcoming the newest Vindimite into our family.

As always, if you wish to log, give me a nudge and I will reply when I can, I shall also be posting a few logs at the weekend to move things forward.

All the best!

Cmdr Almar Dahe'el
Executive Officer


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Category: Out of Character

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