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Upcoming Plot Info and Advisory

Posted on Sat Mar 7th, 2015 @ 10:33am by Admiral Rochelle Ivanova


With the coming of a new plot, and a new sub-plot, we have decided that it’s the best interest of the crew, IC and OOC, that you be given the choice of whether or not you want your character to participate in the sub-plot without any having it held against you at all.

Our reasoning is this; The sub-plot is being taken up and manned by one of our writers who is a professional criminal psychologist and a published author that centers on the dark, macabre side of realistic, historical “horror-fiction”. He will be portraying “Q” as they dig into the deeper emotional aspects surrounding worst case scenarios and greatest fears in an attempt to better understand what makes humans, and humanoids, “tick”. In these posts, if you choose to allow your character to participate, the player behind Q (and when we say Q, we do not mean John Delancie’s Q from TNG etc) will take and use characters, with their player’s permission, to spell out the logs and issues in the logs as they go along. IE: Paul, played by Player A, fears losing their lover Jane, played by Player B. The player penning for “Q” will borrow Jane, with player B’s permission, to explore that fear. Keep in mind that these scenarios will NOT make any real difference in the character’s day to day lives. It will all seem like nothing more than a horrible horrible dream as Q plays their games. Some characters will be “rewarded” for their participation by Q, but not all and those rewards WILL NOT be tangible rewards such as ranks, lovers, dogs, gifts of money etc.

Sounds fun… Right? Kind of! Personally I look forward to seeing what kind of sorcery this player can wield to make Ivanova’s fears come to life. But for some, working with a highly skilled professional like our Q may be too much to bear emotionally. We ALL put a little bit of ourselves into our characters and in a plot like this, with a writer like that, you run the risk of having yourself profiled and cracked open as your character is run through the gauntlet. We will not be held responsible for emotional scars and this will serve as your only warning because we truly and honestly love you all and don’t want to see you hurt. That said, logs that we feel are particularly gritty will be labeled with a clear warning on them and we promise none will cross over the SIM’s ‘R’ rating.

That being said… If you’re interested in participating, please e-mail us at with your character’s name and what you believe their greatest fear is. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us there with them or attempt to catch us on IRC.

Thank you,


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